During this course we have been on what seemed like a winding road, studying the historical and sociological roots of media culture beginning with the idea of conveying messages through what some might call an untraditional or dangerous medium/style, to the onset of still and moving images and their rhetoric, to public relations, it’s significance and the powerful and malleable public opinion.

There were times when some of you couldn’t quite see where the course was going.  Now that the course has come to an end and the final approaches; take a moment to consider what this class was about/what it meant to you and provide a thoughtful blog response on its significance and what you’ve been able to incorporate in your daily lives (if applicable). Feel free to refer to specific lectures or discussions.

Responses should be at least one paragraph.

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Campaign Updates

At this point you should be getting closer to the execution of your of campaign and beginning to finalize the strategy for doing so. In a paragraph or less briefly provide an update of your campaign. Only one group member need to the post the update and this is due by Sunday May 8, 2016 at 12:00pm.

Campaign-Project 3 Work Plan

At this point in your planning process you should be assembling your research,  defining your roles, creating a timeline and fine tuning your campaign goals. In an outline format provide a few sentences/lines describing your project, the sources that you will utilizing,  if applicable partnerships,  the goal of your campaign, research (so far), the role of each group member, and the time line for the remaining stages of your campaign. For Example, your work plan should read  as follows:


To raise awareness on Tuition Hikes at CUNY.

Group Members/Roles




Hunter College Annual Report, 2015.

Time Line

Week 1: Research

Week 2:

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Idea Bank Project 3

In a paragraph or less describe the issue (s)/ topic  that you are interested in exploring for your campaign and why.
In the heading of your post include the tentative theme of your group, group members first name and last initial and time we meet, for instance the subject should read:
Tuition Hikes, Mary J., Joe B…, 10:10.
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What’s Resonated With You So Far?

We  have explored a variety of issues in lecture and in our discussions sections surrounding the media: image, censorship, identity, vernacular, control, manipulation, literacy, free thinking, etc… So far what’s resonated with you? Drawing from our readings, discussions, and lecture  explore an issue and briefly discuss in a paragraph or so what’s resonated with you so far in this course.

This is due by Thursday, March  31, 2016 @ 6:00pm

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Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse (Cadavre Exquis) is a poetry form and art developed in the 1920s among Surrealists. It is used as a visual but primarily written form. The concept was thought to have originally developed from a parlor game called Consequences, or formed by a similar means.

Call For Action

Drawing inspiration from the film “Soldiers without Swords”, “Exercises in the Restoration in History”  our readings and discussion, create a poem surrounding the idea of “A Call For Action” (ie..freedom fighters.). So how this works is each student will contribute (post) just one line after reading the previous line. The poem will build as each person add their line.Whomever is the first to post starts off the poem. There are roughly about 44 of you combining both sections  so this will be a relatively lengthy poem.

*****Please post your line directly to this post by clicking on comment and adding your line. This way the poem will be easier to read in class. We will record the poem next class and I will post the final piece in the next couple/few weeks.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to post your line, doing so will make this short assignment tough. Please go ahead and post so you classmates can build from your idea. Your post by Saturday March 5, 2016 @7:00pm

Preserving History

Preserving History

A griot is a West African story-teller that uses the oral tradition (story telling) to preserve history or tradition. Many are musicians, singers, and poets. In Farenheit 451 the professors that Montag meets toward the end of the book serve as griots (in their own right); as they will retell the stories/ information from the books they have memorized.

Either create or find an image (still or video) or piece of sound that tells a story that you wish to preserve. Please be sure to describe the significance of the piece of media. For this assignment consider some of the topics that we have discussed in discussion and lecture ie..resistance, expression, literacy, popular culture as they relate to world, American, or personal history when posting.

Please respond to this post by: Saturday February 20, 2016 12:00 pm. Be sure to respond to atleast two other posts. Be sure to check blog post 1 under categories before posting on the lower right hand corner of the page to keep your posts organized. Also, please include your name in the heading of your post.

Artist Statement

My mother tells me she found out that babies could hear at 16 weeks of gestation. When that time arrived for her, she began to put earphones on her belly so that I could listen to pop music. I come from a family of musicians, authors, and sound engineers. If the creative gene was not inherited, my mother did a good job of ensuring that I would acquire it. My entire life, I’ve felt creative energy burst out of me in spurts but there’s never been any real direction or strategy to accompany it. When I first discovered my need to create something tangible, I put my energy into composing songs. Yet, I didn’t have the showmanship to perform them, at least not confidently enough for it to lead to a profession. I took a stab at writing but I didn’t have the patience to see a story completely through. That being said, I knew I wanted to tell stories in some capacity. I knew I wanted my creative work to make people think and feel in totally new and unique ways. And so, now I realize, music permeates my soul but it is not enough. I feel the need to tell stories with the use of both sound and images. Whether it be a music video, a short, or a scene, I know I need to mesh these two entities together to create works which will lead to reaching my artistic fulfillment.

Reflection- Kimberly Tran

To be honest I don’t know what I expected from this class. I didn’t quite know what was going on in the beginning of the semester since we only had discussion once a week and lecture only twice a week. I felt like sometimes the lectures didn’t quite align with the discussions. I did however enjoyed the documentaries and videos shown in class. I wish we had more time during discussions and I wish I participated and talked more in class. I did however enjoy the assignment papers and it really thought in depth about media and how much we value it but don’t notice how much we do. Here we are immersed in this media culture yet we don’t know how big of an importance it is. We just follow it because everybody else does.

-Kimberly Tran


Reflection – sophia

Media 180 was a very interesting and inspiring class and it all started with style and self-expression. From there on we discussed other topics like the power of advertisement and suggestion and its relationship to our consumer culture. This consumer culture is very powerful and it becomes even more powerful because it has its ways to manipulate the public into thinking that we need something that is unnecessary without us knowing about it. Even though we know that we live in a consumer culture, we often do not know how much we are affected by it. I also learned a lot about the power of knowledge and how hurting it is to be not allowed to access it. Knowledge and Information in the wrong hands allows them to control other people’s thoughts and behaviors. It is there to keep the status quo and oppression alive.
Media 180 additionally inspired me to seek answers and question the status quo. It inspired me to look a little closer at everyday advertising and question what it wants from me and what it implies. This class also educated me about the media’s relationship to government control and how sometimes, possibly more often than I would think, the media covers up certain terrible truths that are committed by the government or by wealthy people and companies in power. It furthermore (and I am so thankful for that) inspired me to fight stronger for change. Prof. Ewen’s last lecture was amazing! He reminded us that we should make the world a better place. Life is so short and the only way social change can happen is when it starts from the bottom – up. He told us that when we stop thinking that we are powerless, we can actually make things better and challenge and change the status quo. This class helped me to become a better person in a way. It created this window through which I can see the world a little clearer. It truly educated me a lot and gave me the strength to continue to fight for marginalized groups and a better world. It helped me to critically observe the world around me and make good use of the knowledge that I have gained. I am very glad that I chose this class!

My Reflection – ND

laptop-color-designMy email was not working good and I figured out that we had final posting just right now. Not sure if this will be counted but still I would be glad to share my experiences I got to gather from this class.

I had already taken basic media courses in my previous college so I had preliminary idea of the terms and topics we were about to study for this class. With that said, few of the lessons were still new and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I personally love designing. All sort of elegant digital designs. There are endless possibilities of designs. You can express yourself – your happiness, excitement, sorrow, all of the feelings via the designs you make. The reason I brought that up is because this is the only reason I chose this course. I want to do Game Designing and for that I needed to complete this course. As I thought, it was worth it. Most of the stories were inspiring and Miss. Harper was always very cheerful. The struggle of Douglas was one of the best one. Some of his quote still gives me goosebumps and makes me finish my job. I wish the class was a bit lengthier because we only met for once in a week and there were a lot to be covered. Hats off to Miss. Harper’s effort on completing the course on such a tight time schedule.

Overall, this class has further made me realize that the boat I am taking to my destined island is the right one. Moreover, I can already see it in the horizon.


     I have always gravitated towards anything media related, it is most likely because it is so heavily prevalent in this generation. As I have learned over the the span of the semester we are frequently inundated with media in a multitude of mediums, that being said it is our job, as the general public to distinguish truth from facade, and educate ourselves to obtain a justified interpretation. The allegory of the cave puts emphasis on how the people viewing the shadows may never have seen the light or truth, outside of their darkness if they had not been curious in seeking the truth’s form.

     Numerous things resonated with me from this course, to the point where I feel like I can look at the advertisements, plastered all over New York City and in our homes, be wary of the manipulation of Photoshop, lighting, lack of life in a photo and the content versus commodity. I found it ironic that I took this course in hopes of gaining insight of effective marketing strategies since I was planning to pursue marketing. In turn I learned the notions of the opposition’s case, the negative repercussions that may arise from solely the business aspect of it. If I do end up still pursuing that field I hope to work for a company who holds values of truth, authenticity in their marketing tactics in conjunction with profit, success. If one does not exist maybe I will start my own company predicated on truth seeking.


1D08 10:10

Meghan Ng- Final Blog 7

As we count down the days till the final exam; thinking back, I am so pleased to have been a part of Media 180. This class gave me a raw and real insight on how society started to communicate through the use of media dating back from the 13th century to present day. So much has changed, and Professor Ewen and Makia were able to incorporate that into the curriculum despite only meeting for such a short period of time every week.

From the rise of print technology, to the power of images and aesthetic hierarchy, to photography, self improvement, visual rhetoric, advertising geared towards consumerism, the reflection of the self, the century of the selfie, public relations, etc…the list was almost never ending. The lectures on photography and the century of the selfie were my favorite, and I was able to get a better understanding of why us 21st century millennials are so obsessed with ourselves, and it has come to a point where it is becoming a problem. Photography is such a powerful media device that can used however which way we please, and Professor Ewen a lot of gave great examples. I was also able to connect my every day life to advertisements and consumerism, and see how easily we are affected as a society.

Professor Ewen made it evident that there is no way to hide/avoid media, because it is everywhere especially since Hunter College is in the heart of Manhattan. His book “All Consuming Images” was also a good read and covered a lot of ground on the whole idea of style, media, etc. He concluded the last lecture by saying that if we want to make a difference in this world, don’t just say it…do it! People are so lazy nowadays, and aren’t motivated. There has to be a call of action; if you don’t stand up for something you are passionate about, then you will always feel powerless.

The message I got out of this class is to be the change you want to see in the world… I am grateful that I was given a chance to interact and work with a lot of bright and intelligent people who want to make a difference in the world as well. Thank you!

Marlee Jeudy: Reflection.7

Since the beginning of the semester, I wondered why we were assigned so many readings of random people and random events that have occurred. I’ve realized that every bit of history plays a role in the evolution of media. We had the opportunity to learn about the journey of those who created the ability to type, send messages and learn how to read. I always thought that professor Ewen ended every lecture with us trying to figure out why a topic was taught in a media class. Because of that it has caused me to start thinking outside the box. Ive become more aware of my surroundings and more focused on my readings because I am afraid of missing a hidden message. Ive notice many ads on the trains and the internet that would leave the average person brain washed to buy their products. I’ve also thought of different ideas on how a certain trend came about before everyone began to follow them. With the advancement in society today, everyone has the opportunity to leave a mark as the evolution of media continues to evolve. But one thing I’ve learned to do is to have my phone ready to take a picture of any interesting thing I see for future purposes.

Reflections – Hug0 Urqu|eta – 1D07

Media 180 has been quite a ride, if compared to a physical setting, I would set it as a walk through the Peruvian Amazon. The path was undiscovered (from my perspective), the foliage is thick and difficult to cut through (the concepts), and an infinite amount of knowledge can be gained from even the smallest sections of the path. In the end, even though the journey was challenging, the lessons learned in and outside of lecture are invaluable.

I was originally under the assumption that the course would more directly demonstrate – the how – of media (its tools and applications). Instead, the course took a more historically detailed approach, now clearly advantageous, it allowed us to witness the evolution of power and form media has taken over time, in turn, providing a more substantial understanding, implicitly and explicitly, of the various facets that comprise media.

If the course were to be renamed, I would suggest the following titles based my experience:
Life: Wake up from the Matrix and Stop Living Ignorantly 101 (inspired by Prof. Ewen)
Express your Opinions Fearlessly 101 (inspired by Prof. Harper)
Call to Action 101 – (my overall takeaway)

The class is about life, but moreover, it has been a call to action, a wake up call stating that the constant feeling of powerlessness may be a product of society, but we may also be indeed capable of rejecting it and changing it to what we see fit.
Media 180 sows radical ideas about the power of knowledge, control, change, and the insight to various perspectives deep into our minds, promoting the growth of even more ideas.

The rest is up to us.

“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.”
— John F. Kennedy

Alyssa Bacchioni- Post 7

I did not know what to expect coming into the class. I have never taken a Media class before and was happily surprised at what I’ve learned. I was able to relate a lot to this class because we used examples from today and talked about things that I experience everyday. Some examples of this would be our discussion about advertisements and their affect on the subconscious. Also how these advertisements contribute to the urge to consume and keep getting the new. I’ve realized how easily effected I am and how I fall into the consumer traps out there today. Now that I am more aware of it I am trying to reflect on myself and maybe make some changes to the way I see products and how I consume. Also, Professor Ewen’s last lecture was very inspiring and moving. It made me realize my role in todays world and that I am not “powerless”. We can all make changes to society and continue to improve. I can now say that I see the world differently and am grateful I got the chance to take this class.


This was definitely a class like no other. The subject of media, as a whole, was something I never put importance in as I thought, personally, it wasn’t an original thing. This course helped me changed my way of thinking about media whether it be pictures, advertisements, etc. One of the things that captured me was the discussions of “style” beginning with the question “what is style?” It was one of the topics you think you know well, but when the question is asked a bundle of what-if’s forms inside your head. Professor Ewens’s “All Consuming Images” helped clear out the definition, not to mention the discussions in class – style is personal. Media is all around us, there’s no way to avoid it that’s why this class helped me in uncovering the interests of media.