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First Ever Publicly Published Webpage


I thought about posting something else that would show not exactly cultural but more of a historical background of the popular media, internet. The picture posted above is the first ever webpage that was made public in internet. As plain as it looks like, it actually holds the utmost value. This webpage is a pioneer of all sort of fancy CSS and javascript pages we see today. It tells the story of how webpage looked back in the time. It looks completely bland. It was not even possible to upload images to the server. The only possible syntax allowed were hyperlinks (blue links in page that leads to other pages) and various headers.

Most of the social medias and popular website present today are all the results of modification and further development upon the concept of this webpage. This is how the first ever and pages looked like:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.25.21 PM


It is so inspiring to see that we have come this far in the development of webpages, programming, servers and networks as a whole. For instance 4 billions videos are uploaded to each day (source), more than 350 million photos are uploaded to per day (source) and so on. This one picture makes us realize how far we have come in time with development of media. That is the reason, I believe this picture holds of a great value as the time passes by.


Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse (Cadavre Exquis) is a poetry form and art developed in the 1920s among Surrealists. It is used as a visual but primarily written form. The concept was thought to have originally developed from a parlor game called Consequences, or formed by a similar means.

Call For Action

Drawing inspiration from the film “Soldiers without Swords”, “Exercises in the Restoration in History”  our readings and discussion, create a poem surrounding the idea of “A Call For Action” (ie..freedom fighters.). So how this works is each student will contribute (post) just one line after reading the previous line. The poem will build as each person add their line.Whomever is the first to post starts off the poem. There are roughly about 44 of you combining both sections  so this will be a relatively lengthy poem.

*****Please post your line directly to this post by clicking on comment and adding your line. This way the poem will be easier to read in class. We will record the poem next class and I will post the final piece in the next couple/few weeks.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to post your line, doing so will make this short assignment tough. Please go ahead and post so you classmates can build from your idea. Your post by Saturday March 5, 2016 @7:00pm

Get In Formation – Brittney Phillips

With the uprising and consistency of discrimination and disrespect towards African American people in this country theres a need for change. People of color have been fighting for their rights since the earliest days of colonialism and slavery. It’s incredibly sad to say it is now 2016 and an entire race of people is still under the shackles of modern day slavery.There have been many accomplishments, but over the last 2-3 years of these violent killings of our young African American men and women at the hands of police brutality would say we are moving backwards rather than moving closer to the goal of true freedom and acceptance.

Being that we unfortunately don’t have influential leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X during the civil right movement our modern day movement is struggling to succeed at creating real change. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people trying of course, hence we have groups, such as the #BlackLivesMatters keeping a following afloat. Furthermore, when Beyonce released the Formation song and video many were taken by surprise with the new direction she was taking.

The song Formation touches upon many social, racial and political issues for African Americans. Having to do with the clear message of discrimination and lack of regard for blacks, hence there is rarely any justice for these senseless killings. Also, the lack of caring about the well being of blacks is touched upon how many people of New Orleans are still struggling years after Hurricane Katrina. Lastly, Beyonce touches upon the way society believes everyone needs to be. society depots a person who is skinny, with perfect slender facial parts, straight hair and most particularly they should be WHITE! Ms. Beyonce is hear to let all of us know we can no longer except this and we need to GET IN FORMATION!

Words in Action

Media 1

Society has a way in responding to how they feel, what they think etc. When a thought pops to mind, whether it’s good or bad, if brought out by the mouth it may have the effect to turn into an action. This is a way in which society expresses themselves.  Just think about how many wars, arguments started just because of one word. Words have the power to bring someone down or lift them up. One – society, has the power to determine how their day will be like, what thoughts they let penetrate in their head, what words they’ll let come out of their mouth, what actions they’ll take. This, being either good or bad will affect the next day or the people surrounding the person.

Society gives self-expression by speaking. You can go to the most diverse place in New York City and everyone is trying to convince you of something. For example, if you go to Times Square and enter a MAC store, you start looking at lipsticks or the cosmetic that caught your eye, a Sales Associate will come to you and convince you with her words to buy a product. She will advise what color goes great with your with your skin tone, the product’s quality etc. Those words may turn into action by her putting the color close to your face or on your lips to convince you until you either walk away or buy it. This is just a small example, but words have the power to convince. Another example is when you try to cheer up your best friend or disanimate a person. You have the power to use the weapon for good or bad.

The pictures posted explain how one has the power. One has the power in their mind, mouth and actions. It’s up to one to “…think more and speak less” that way we know what words to say, we have already meditated in our thoughts, we know the message to send to the other person, we know if we should be quiet or go ahead and say what we think. It’s crazy how ones’ form of self-expression beings with our actions of letting something come out of the mouth. Think before you speak.


Beyond the Wall

Beyond The Wall

This piece entitled “Unwelcomed Inervention”  done by graffiti artist Banksy is one of nine done on the Palestine Wall in 2005. The construction of wall is very controversial. It’s located in west Palestine on territory that is said to be property of Israel. While the Israeli’s say the wall was built for protection since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has yet to see a conclusion. Others feel that the wall was made to divided two cultures/religious groups from one another.

Banksy’s image is a symbol of hope that something better wait beyond the wall. The images has two boys depicted in black and white with a bucket and pale in hand ready to enter paradise. The typical setting that is depicted beyond the the wall is shown in vibrate color and is center on the wall with cracks along the sides of this abstract circle as if the discovery of is was unintentional.

This piece has great significance in the media more specifically popular culture. Many do not know that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still very much at play and has no signs of ending. As we sit back and live our lives as if world peace is on the horizon, we fail to see that many nations are still struggling for equality and still have long way to go until all is settled. I think Banksy is an incredible artist that brings much needed awareness to political issues around the world.

Free Will- Olivia Unger


I found this quote from proverbs 28:6 saying “Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.” The first thing I thought when I read this was, woah! this has so much truth, because today, in the society we live in, every person wants to attain that dream of being rich and having nice cars and making it in the world! But this quote says if you aren’t honest and truthful in anything you do you LITERALLY have nothing. We see this every day in the world today. How many people out are there stealing and not showing consideration to others. If you are not truthful you go nowhere because in the end, you leave this world with nothing all you have is the things you learned in this world. Honesty, integrity and selflessness are major factors on this long list of things we can learn from this world. So we should learn from the poor man and always reference this quote when ever you feel a slip because this is what real true living is all about. Your word means everything and if you are not trustworthy you will live a life of emptiness.
Thank you,

power of love

This image shows a wall on which the words “when the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace” are written and next to it is a little heart. I’ve seen this picture for the first time about a year ago and loved the message. Only now I have just discovered that Jimi Hendrix, an American rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, has said these words first before they were written on the wall so that every person who walks by it can see it and learn from it. It truly is a message that should be spread. Too many people love having control and power. They want wealth, territory and dominance and do not care who they are hurting while they are trying to get these things. These people are not interested in peace and do not understand how unimportant it is to have much territory and a lot of wealth. Their love for power is so strong that they do not shy away from taking other people’s human rights away, demeaning them or even killing them. People are escaping from unsafe countries every day and risk coming to safer countries on unsafe and dangerous “boats”. Men, women and children are drowning on their way to safer countries but the possibility of death while escaping to a better future seems better than living in warzones where they could get killed every day. There is so much violence out there and directed at almost everyone. Every marginalized group has experienced violence in some form or another. Women have experienced it, people of color have experienced, LGBT communities have experienced it, etc. And it is not okay! Every time I hear or read about another violent incident, it hurts me deeply and because I am a pacifist, I sometimes feel like something is dying inside of me just by reading, seeing or hearing about it. It makes me feel like humanity has failed. However, I do know that there are a lot of people out there who fight for equality and peace. They know that spreading love and kindness will lead to happiness and harmony and they know that everybody deserves safety, love and all human rights. I would want to preserve this image because it spreads awareness. It is a message and makes people think. It also offers a peaceful solution. Violence is destructive. Nothing good can come from it; it only causes suffering. Therefore, it is important that we use our brains correctly and become fully human again. People are different but that is good. We should appreciate our differences and love each other because we are all human. Only then we will know peace. – Sophia Woodruff

It’s Electric

bobdylan180July 25th 1965 Bob Dylan took the stage at Newport Music Festival sporting something his fans could never imagine him with, an electric guitar. Upon sight of this sunburst Fender Stratocaster fans watched in awe as the man with the acoustic guitar they fell so deeply in love with alter an essential part of his sound. This change in many of their eyes was seen as not only a betrayal but signified his exit from the folk world and entrance into the pop one. Though this move was drastic in regards to his sound, as the artist Dylan is allowed to make those decisions. These are the types of decisions that may not only change the way your art is heard but could change the way people view that art as a whole. Without such great changes as bands pushing amplifiers to their breaking points and creating sounds never heard before, we wouldn’t have what we now call Rock n’ Roll.

As a person creates it is important for them to create freely and too innovate. Without thinking outside of the box the box will remain small. In today’s musical world this need to innovate is extremely necessary just as it was then. The understanding of this necessity is displayed through the thousands of genres that one can listen to at any given point. Though there is still the popular form of music that there was back then there is still a home for everyone else with whatever taste they may have, and that wouldn’t be the case had the initiative not been taken to innovate and continue innovating. Through this image these ideas should be preserved as to keep the world of music evolving.

Nicholas Greco

The Fall

falling man

We all, I assume, have seen this picture and all recognize the steal beams and reflective windows in the background to be that of the World Trade Center. It was posted by news outlets and is regarded as the most famous picture captured of 911. I believe it’s interesting because, obviously, it shows a man who chose to jump, rather than face the fire, inside the World Trade Center. It was taken by a photographer who was assigned to shoot a fashion show before news broke of what had happened. The man photographed is still unidentified and his body was unlikely ever found, but he could’ve been anyone, I believe that’s why it is so famous. It could’ve been a father, a son, a business man, a temp, or it could have been you. Looking at this photo makes you truly come to grips with the atrocity of 911. We all hold on to hope until the end, but so many chose to jump because they had lost all their hope in survival, and that is tragically inconsolable. Those who jumped had to look out at the sea of smoke and building below them, maybe they could see people below, firefighters that were there to save them, and they had to come to the realization that they would never be saved, that they were going to die and they could do nothing about it. I don’t think any of us could truly consider that situation. We truly can’t fully understand never existing anymore, we know were going to die, and maybe we think about it a lot, but we still, in some way, think we are invincible. He had to realize that he wasn’t, that there would be no happy ending, no rescue, and he had to jump in order to avoid the suffering. This photograph moves me so much because it shows the pain caused during that day. Over 200 jumped, while hundreds of onlookers, and thousands watching on tv, had to see them fall, while having no way of saving them. Some onlookers were even hit and killed by victims who had chosen to jump. But, we don’t see it as a man taking his life, we see it as a man coming to terms with the fact that he is going to die, and deciding that he’d rather jump into the freedom of the open air, then die amidst the flames and smoke. This picture is so moving because it makes us question what we would have done in his situation. Never forget.

Faye Metcalf

The Limits of “Freedom”

J. Cole performed this song on the David Letterman show in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement. Throughout his performance and lyrics he explains that African Americans are still not considered free people. They are prisoners of sterotypes, judgement, racism and constant victims of police brutality. This song supported the ideas leading that led to protests all over the nation. This piece of media is important because it shined a light on such a serious issue and the flaws of society and also the United States government. This is a prime example of using media like television and music and also important figures in pop culture like J. Cole to promote, share and talk about major issues.

J. Cole mentions the common murders of African American men by police officers and the culturally selective stop and frisks many of them face. He uses the platform he has as a popular music artist to share the struggles of African American men with those who cannot relate or do not share similar experiences. An interesting point he made during this song is the limit of President Obama’s power as a U.S president. I think this is to stress the idea that no matter how successful and how far an African American man has come, he will always fall short in the eyes of racist Americans because of his race.