Preserving History

Preserving History

A griot is a West African story-teller that uses the oral tradition (story telling) to preserve history or tradition. Many are musicians, singers, and poets. In Farenheit 451 the professors that Montag meets toward the end of the book serve as griots (in their own right); as they will retell the stories/ information from the books they have memorized.

Either create or find an image (still or video) or piece of sound that tells a story that you wish to preserve. Please be sure to describe the significance of the piece of media. For this assignment consider some of the topics that we have discussed in discussion and lecture ie..resistance, expression, literacy, popular culture as they relate to world, American, or personal history when posting.

Please respond to this post by: Saturday February 20, 2016 12:00 pm. Be sure to respond to atleast two other posts. Be sure to check blog post 1 under categories before posting on the lower right hand corner of the page to keep your posts organized. Also, please include your name in the heading of your post.


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