#BlackLivesMatter – Tony T.


When thinking of a powerful image that tells a story I wish to preserve, my mind quickly goes to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Although the illustration above is one of many to depict the movement, the significance is outstanding. This is a movement created to help give voice to black people who have or will experience racial injustice and inequality. Specifically, this movement was really created to bring justice to the many black children, women and men killed over senseless, prejudice acts by the police. Ironic that the police are suppose to protect and swerve, but they the are ones killing black people at an alarming rate as the years have gone by.

This image is powerful because it draws back to two high profile cases of young black men being killed senselessly because of the stereotypes placed against them. Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. Trayvon Martin was killed (shot) by George Zimmerman, who wasn’t even a real certified cop, because he just felt like Trayvon was a threat in the neighborhood, since he was wearing a black hoodie(similar to the one in the illustration). All Trayvon wanted to do was make it back home after buying skittles and an Arizona canned beverage.  Then we have Mike Brown, who was killed (shot) by cop, Darren Wilson, because he was accused of stealing cigars (that has flaky evidence). Mike Brown was many feet away from Wilson and unarmed (like Trayvon) but still considered a threat. Mike Brown’s blood and lifeless body was left in the middle of the street for hours in the steaming Ferguson heat before being thrown in the back of a van. These crimes caused national & international outrage, as it should have !!! Through these events and more, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was created.

It should also be brought up that this caused many riots and naysayers. The city of Ferguson literally looked like a war zone. The citizens against the local cops. There was somehow even a need for SWAT teams to interfere (really?). This was/is a modern day version of the civil rights movements marches/fights that used to occur in the 50’s and 60’s (Selma). At last, I want to conclude this by saying #BlackLivesMatter is for the injustice and unfair killings many black people and families have experienced. It is not saying All Lives Don’t Matter, it is exclaiming how BLACK LIVES should be valued more than what they currently are. “We all bleed, but who’s blood is in the streets?” Would you go to a Breast Cancer awareness event yelling “Lung Cancer matters too !!!”? Exactly.

I hope that in the years to come #BlackLivesMatter will be preserved in history and proven a success.


6 thoughts on “#BlackLivesMatter – Tony T.

  1. saramiller65 says:

    This iconic image perfectly embodies the black lives matter movement that sends a strong message about the discontentment of the black population through protest and police brutality. This movement began on social media and dominated the news headlines during the controversies in Ferguson, the murder of Eric Gardner, the murder of Treyvon Martin, etc. This movement was brought to life by social media, and I think it is the perfect example of how media can be the face of a movement, because there is no single leader to this movement, that marks history forever.

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    • sborkina says:

      The Black Lives Matter movement goes to show just how powerful social media is when trying to get a message across. I agree with you when you say that you wouldn’t go to a breast cancer awareness event and talk about any other cancer. When people say “All Lives Matter,” to me it sounds like they are undermining and not respecting the BLM movement.

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  2. joscelyn13 says:

    #BlackLivesMatter This message is a very strong one that has brought many opinions from many people. There are those who counter this with saying AllLivesMatter which shows that these people don’t understand the message behind it. It’s not saying one race matters over the other but is saying that this blacks lives should be treated the same as whites. I think it’s important to address this issue that is very relevant in our lives today. I was especially glad to see celebrities like Beyoncé finally speak about this issue. In her most recent video she makes references to police brutality that has happened. Although people continue to criticize this movement I think it’s important for it to continue.

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  3. pravi74 says:

    The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been monumental in demanding justice for all the young black lives that have been lost due to racial stereotypes and police brutality, and social media has allowed us to remain connected with every victim and their cases. I really appreciate your comment about not going to a breast cancer awareness event and yelling that lung cancer matters too. Many people fail to recognize the importance of this movement to the black community. Not being black and not having experienced this kind of prejudice themselves, they try to undermine it and make it about themselves, which shows ignorance and disrespect.

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  4. mlouisemora says:

    I really love this post. People who proclaim #AllLivesMatter and participate in #BlackOut dates (days when black people post self-loving pictures of themselves) while not being black are really ignorant of the long history of oppression that black people have been facing for centuries, not just recently. They fail to see the severity of discrimination, hatred, and brutality that is still a reality in society for blacks today. I’m glad that stories of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown made it into mainstream media, brought into everyone’s awareness. I believe as more stories like this come into public focus, we can eventually create a future where blacks no longer have to remain disadvantaged in society.

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