Clinton Ad–Sara Miller

This video clip is one of the latest ads put out by Hillary Clinton; it is aimed at hispanic voters in Nevada. I felt that this ad was an important memory to preserve due to the historic nature of the 2016 presidential race. Outsiders such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are making their mark in the polls. Although strong establishment leaders like Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are holding their own, they too have begun to conform to this race against the outsiders. Ted Cruz, in a desperate attempt to collect as many evangelical voters as possible, has presented himself as the poster child for the Tea Party. He strives to be more conservative than all the other candidates, while Hillary Clinton continues to fight against her image as a corrupt establishment figure with close personal ties to Washington.

The reason why Bernie Sanders has climbed in the polls is because of his liberal policies that appeal to the American youth, and his solid outsider image that portrays him as the only honest politician with a consistent political record to match. In this ad, Hillary Clinton is shown comforting the child of illegal immigrants on the verge of being deported. In order to “out liberal” Bernie, just as Ted Cruz has tried to “out conservative” Trump, Hillary has painted herself as a crusader for the little guy. This emotional ad shows Hillary’s soft side as it appeals to her humanity and genuine empathy. The idea that Hillary really cares is being fed to the American people in order to measure up to Bernie’s genuine character that voters adore. In addition, the hispanic population is becoming the largest minority in the United States thus, it was a smart move on Hillary Clinton’s part to make this ad.

This video is incredibly important to preserve because it shows the evolution in American political elections and in the importance of diversity in our population. In the past, the important votes to gain tended to be the votes of the white middle class. However, a Democratic presidential candidate has not received a majority of the white vote since 1964. In the last 52 years, the vote of the african-american population, the hispanic population, and the youth has become increasingly important. As history continues to become to the present, the playing field has become more leveled. Technology and media have become tools, not only for presidential candidates to spread messages to specific populations of voters, but also for voters to tell the candidates what they want. The new age has ensured that everyone is heard, not just the most prominent people in the face of politics. Ads and debates can either make or break a candidate. A media presence has become vital to candidates, and this commercial is just one example of a presidential hopeful relying on media to gather as many votes of important populations as possible.




One thought on “Clinton Ad–Sara Miller

  1. Tony Turner says:

    I definitely agree !!! In my other media class, we are reading a book by Daniel Boorstin about how the media is one of, if not the MOST important factor in determining a candidate’s success. I wonder who will come out successful. Bernie has my vote.

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