Love Has No Labels – Simona B.

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The Love Has No Labels campaign was created in order to open up the public’s eyes to our bias and prejudice. Although most Americans do not consider themselves discriminatory towards others, most of us do make inadvertent quick judgments based on what we see. The creators of the campaign challenge us to “rethink our bias” and help to stop it in our families, friends, and in ourselves. The campaign put out a YouTube video on March 3rd, 2015 that I found tremendously touching. The video begins by showing a crowd of people looking at a large x-ray screen of two people embracing. The two people behind the screen then step out and make their presence known to the crowd. The first two people shown in a series of several, are two women with the phrase “love has no gender” written behind them. Different ages, genders, races, and religions are represented in this video.

I believe that this video and campaign needs to be preserved because we live in a society where people are constantly being judged and having assumptions made about them. I truly appreciate the thought and effort that went behind the creation of the video because it does a very good job at getting their point across; instead of tearing people down because of their differences we need to be “embracing diversity…in the name of love” as the campaign states. Biases can leave people struggling to get a fair trial or find a job and it is up to us to be educated and aware of it and do everything we possibly can to end it in order to live in a more harmonious world.



5 thoughts on “Love Has No Labels – Simona B.

  1. Tony Turner says:

    I really like the idea of this campaign. It allows people to see how they judge people without even realizing it. I think it demonstrates how society conditions most people to think. This reminds me of discussions from my Women & Gender studies class.

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  2. saramiller65 says:

    This ad is extremely poignant, and I think it makes a big statement. In most areas of the United States, the people tend to be very homogenous based on the population of the area (this excludes New York City). Thus, although I am sure most people would be reluctant to admit it out of fear of being politically incorrect, people tend to gravitate toward others that share similarities. It is important that this campaign is sending the message of acceptance and tolerance through media in a society that alienates people who are considered different.


  3. christopher1020 says:

    I think this video makes an important statement. We should not judge people based off their sex or race. The use of the X-ray was very clever in order to show that love exists between whoever feels it and it does not necessarily have to be between two opposite genders or the same race.


  4. jaiimeriinaldii says:

    I agree! This is the sort of video that generates positivity for those who are open to freedom of expression and love. No matter what gender, race, age, or any other factor you would like to throw into the mix, love, in my opinion, is the most important connection between two people that everyone has a right to. Using the X-ray machine shows an impactful visual for those who are just beginning to understand the concept that love is love.


  5. Cheong Lau says:

    I really love this video! I like how they use the x-ray thing to show that everyone’s just the same and we shouldn’t judge people by their appearance. Also, this video tells us that love is not only between heterosexual couple, but also same-sex couples, sisters, neighbors, best friends.


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