Immigration Crisis in Europe – Rina Gorvokaj


In the above video we see a visual representation of the current immigration crisis in Europe. There are immigrants not only from Syria but also more areas of the Middle East, as well as sub-Saharan Africa. The Syrian immigrants are fleeing to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan to escape the horrors of the civil war in their country. However, what the media in the US is failing to report on is the mass migrations also happening in different areas of Europe, such as Germany. This video shows how widespread the immigration crisis really is, and how important it is for us to be informed on the matter.

The question of whether the United States should allow refugees into the country is an important one. The first option that a well meaning American may have in the matter is “Sure, of course we want to help our neighbors. We are a Judeo-Christian nation and our values dictate that we are to help those in need.” However, I also think it is very important to note that we must keep our country’s safety in mind. This video shows that the immigration is massive and that oftentimes it can get out of hand, especially when there are hundreds of thousands of people desperately seeking the very simple things that we often take for granted in this country. Also, there are many courageously fleeing their country and sometimes starving or drowning in the boats on their way to freedom.

This video shows the two sides to the immigration crisis. One of them is the people who are openly welcoming immigrants, but on the other side of the matter, people are opposed to allowing immigrants based on the premise that the refugees are dangerous. Sometimes they bring rape, destruction and ruin along with them. It is very important that we in the US elect a president who has very strong foreign policy education as well as a willingness to face these matters without being thrown into the quagmire of fear.

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3 thoughts on “Immigration Crisis in Europe – Rina Gorvokaj

  1. christopher1020 says:

    I agree with your statement that the media just overlooks issues like this so not many people know about it. Immigration is a real issue and the media avoiding it will not help solve the crisis. Rather than bring it up and getting people aware to form opinions on the matter they would simply overlook it, but hopefully that changes.


  2. eclipsate says:

    What is your personal opinion on this? I too can understand both sides. This is also one of the issues that the media truly distorts. I remember the disaster that followed after 9/11 — the media took every opportunity to speak against Muslims and Middle Easterners. Do you think there’s any hope of this issue being resolved?


  3. fayemetcalf says:

    I think people forget that these refugees are human beings just like us. We see ourselves as Americans before we see ourselves as human beings and we say we need to protect Americans, but what about all the innocent people that are dying that we refuse to be let it? Do we deserve life over them because we happen to be born in a country different than they were?


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