The Feast-Christopher L.


The picture above is of Saint Anthony’s Feast in New England otherwise known as, “The Feast”. The Feast is an Italian religious celebration that has been done annually since 1919 by Italian immigrants. While there are many other versions of the Feast done for different churches, the one for Saint Anthony is the largest in New England. At the festival, many people come together to enjoy entertainment, Italian food, parades, souvenirs and religious services on decorated streets such as the one pictured above. This Feast has even gotten the recognition of Italian Food Wine & Culture which has said the Feast is “a spectacle not to be missed!”. The feast however is not only for Italians and is open to anyone who wishes to enjoy the culture and history of Italian immigrants in America.

I wanted to preserve this because I am an Italian and Feasts such as this one are important to my culture. When the Italian immigrants came to New England they brought their traditions with them and continued to practice their customs even though they were away from their homeland. Today, there are not many ways in which I can publicly celebrate my culture with other people. So to have an annual chance to enjoy all the aspects of my heritage means a lot to me. It also has a great deal of personal significance because many people in my family have been involved in the Feast so going there has become a tradition for me. I hope the Italian culture continues to be honored, preserved and enjoyed by people for many years to come.

Christopher Lentine-Section 07


5 thoughts on “The Feast-Christopher L.

  1. jaiimeriinaldii says:

    I agree! To share a meal has always been a way in which someone showed their love for another, especially on my Italian side of the family! While growing up, my entire family would come together in our family pizzeria to feast on a variety of fish and pasta dishes, along with an assortment of meats and breads. After pigging out on dinner we would pig out even more on the many desserts all the cousins brought to the table. It is a time of celebration with friends and family! The sounds of enjoyment and laughter never fade in my memories. One day I hope to make it to the great Feast, as it would feel like a huge family reunion!

    – Jaime Rinaldi (Section – Mon. 10:10)

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  2. eclipsate says:

    This is really interesting. I wonder if there must be something in the city similar to this? Maybe in Little Italy or in classic Italian neighborhoods. It’s always cool to see people retain their culture in the States.

    -Paige McAllister Sec 1D08

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  3. tomaszr says:

    I live in Ridgewood, Queens and every September there is a Italian festival and it sounds very similar to what you have described. There are Italian foods and games and lots of music and fun rides. It has shifted in recent years to include other cultures of the neighborhood, such as Greeks, Poles, and Hispanics. Sadly due to legal issues, it may not happen this year, which is a great disappointment, since it is the only time of year I indulge in fried Oreos.


  4. Nischal says:

    This article reminded me one of the great festive that we celebrate in Nepal. It is called Dashain. Basically, we meet with the relatives and enjoy good meals. In addition to that, the main motive of the festival is to share joys and sorrows with friends and family. The one mentioned in the post gave me the very similar vibe. Would love to be in one of these someday. Thank you for the post.


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