Alone in a Crowded Room -Jaime R.

What-this-world-needs-is-a-group-hug       Have you ever felt alone here in New York? Yes, I have. So many people and yet feeling as though there was nobody around. I just moved to Brooklyn from a small town in Upstate New York this August. When I first arrived I had a pep in my step and felt ready to experience living in the big city! After about a month living here, I realized I felt lonelier than ever. I could have moved into a tent in a field and felt less alone with all the little critters and stars above me. I was in a weird funk. The smallest kind gesture from a stranger meant the world to me, even a smile did the trick. All I wanted was a hug and a glass of wine after a long day of dealing with “heartless” city folk.

After countless nights of contemplating whether I made the wrong decision moving to New York City or not, I realized that I needed to live it out. I could be that person to put a smile on someones face. I could be the person to lend a helping hand to those in need. WE can ALL be that person! What a time to be alive! Be the person who sits next to the girl crying on the train and ask her if there is anything that you could do to help, possibly a hug? There is a stigma about New Yorkers being “heartless”, but I think we are surrounded by good people every day. Open your eyes. Crack a smile. Maybe stop looking at your phone and start a conversation with someone. Who knows what opportunities could arise for those who are open to accepting change! Maybe I am just a small town hippie at heart. Maybe the world just needs a group hug.

Jaime R. – Section Mon. 10:10


4 thoughts on “Alone in a Crowded Room -Jaime R.

  1. joscelyn13 says:

    I completely agree with everything said here. From experience during my first semester at Hunter I felt alone. There were so many people at the school however it felt hard to get to know and talk to others. I later realized, that if no one was going to say anything to me, I had to take the first step to start the conversation and make a friend. When I did I realized that the person felt the same way as me. We were afraid to approach anyone because of the stigma of New Yorkers.

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  2. Meghan Ng says:

    You’re title really reminded me of something the character Rose DeWitt Bukater from the movie Titanic said: “And all the while I feel like…I’m standing in the middle of a crowded room screaming at the top of my lungs and no one even looks up.” (I was in the middle of watching the movie at the moment! What a coincidence!) This really connects to what you’re trying to say. At some point in our lives we probably have had that moment where nobody is paying attention to anything your doing and they are just in there own separate zone. I can never understand why people would rather stare at their phones rather than look up and live their life that’s around them. Life would be so empty and meaningless! It’s a way to “escape reality” they say? No way… that is just a repetitive excuse. New York is indeed one of the largest and most compacted cities around. Surrounded by skyscrapers, business people… we are constantly in motion and many people often use the excuse of “there’s no time for chit chat”. I hope to change our generation from becoming self absorbed, social media crazed, non-interactive persons. Life is out there waiting for you to experience. You are right, and it’s really not hard to be the first to converse! 🙂 There are many people out there who would enjoy a nice pep talk. You’re not alone, change is good!

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  3. pravi74 says:

    New York City is full of people, and logically you’d think that you wouldn’t feel alone with so many people around, but I feel like not knowing the people surrounding you makes you feel even more alone. I do agree that the idea that New Yorkers are rude and heartless is not necessarily true. I believe this stigma developed due to the fact that everyone’s just trying to get from Point A to Point B and tourists get in the way of that because they are unable to keep up with the fast pace that comes with being in the city. When you stop and look around, there are good people everywhere. If you smile at people on the train, they will most likely smile back. The main thing about being in NYC is that people tend to keep to themselves, both due to the stigma and to not be a bother to others, but when you do start conversing with another New Yorker, you may be pleasantly surprised by the conversations you have.

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  4. kaylauu says:

    I can definitely relate to all of your feelings about New York City, as I too moved from a small island, with the idea that the city would be thriving with sociable people. For the most part, there are people who can contribute their enriching experiences, if you just reach out sometimes. All of your solutions can be implemented into our daily routine, even in small increments, if we just inject more positivity and authenticity into our interactions with others.

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