Animal Cruelty in the Circus- Kimberly Tran

The circus, everybody has either went to one or heard of one in their lives. “The circus is in town” children will say. “Lets all go to the circus” parents will tell their children. When you think about circuses, you think about laughter, fun, entertainment for all ages, acrobatics, clowns doing silly pranks, and circus animals. But beneath all the good joy their lays underneath a darkness that nobody quite knows about until now.  The cruelty of circus animals was unknown until one day in August 20th 1994 an elephant named Tyke broke away, killed her trainer and injured her groomer running loose in Kakaako, Honolulu, Hawaii. It took 86 bullets to shoot her down; to stop her from obtaining freedom. Circus animals are continually being mistreated, abused, kidnapped from the wild, from their family to perform against their freewill.  Tyke expressed her anger, her hatred in that way because she had enough. She resisted. She’s been held captive since she was young, she only felt familiarity within a small enclosed cage, isolated, surrounded by feces, beaten up by a bullhook, and suffered physical blows. This wasn’t their natural territorial habitat. I wanted to share this to everybody because this really broke my heart. Without videos shared on the web, this form of media, expression, nobody would of known about it atleast not I. Nobody would of stood up for animals who have loss their voice, who wanted to be unchained from humans, for their freedom.                                                                                                  -Kimberly Tran


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