Crystal Huang- “Free” by Jason Chu

“Find your voice, let it breathe and YOU can live beyond the edge

You can live beyond the edge

Jason Chu tells his story, as an Chinese-American rapper, who is not only trying to break into the hip hop music industry, but also trying to break the stereotype: “To the weight of a generation and a race”. Although he’s not yet “made it” to Hollywood, he doesn’t give up in continuing to spread his messages through his raps, reaching out to younger generations within his community as well as anyone else outside his culture who can relate to these struggles. Through his raps, Jason tries to uplift, motivate, and educate.

“But expectations are a burden that kept weighing me down” ; This song speaks volumes because surely, anyone can relate to feeling the pressures and burdens of friends’, family, society, and even our own expectations. Jason Chu’s lyrics spoke to me because he understands what it feels like to grow up with these expectations, especially growing up in a Chinese culture. This song gives hope, that no matter the difficulties of life, one should refocus their goals, drams, and passions. You can mentally free yourself from the people who didn’t believe in you and the ones who held you back.

He ends the song with, “Throw the shackles off your back”. In other words, don’t be tied down by negativity, you have to move past that. Most importantly, don’t lose yourself trying to please others. Free yourself, throw off the shackles. Once you find your voice and what you want to do with it, nothing else matters, just keep going.

Crystal Huang 1D08



2 thoughts on “Crystal Huang- “Free” by Jason Chu

  1. AnnaElaizaGo says:

    I think his message is so universal and important, but I am happy there is an emphasis towards the Asian American culture. We get so much pressure especially from our family that sometimes we lose sight of our own vision.

    P.S. This reminds me of Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat book. Good read and funny 🙂


  2. slizcano says:

    What i like most about this video is that it challenges multiple stereotypes through one single message. The line that stood out most is when he said other asians tell him he doesn’t have a “rapper’s face”, as if all rappers are qualified to look a certain way. I love when people share their individual struggles because there is always someone out in the world who can relate and if they see one person trying to make a difference they may attempt to as well. Power comes in numbers.


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