I Exist- Paige McAllister


This is the photo I chose. To me, this means to remember to focus on yourself and your place in the world. I think way too often people get stuck in their routines and forget that life is about living. I think it’s also important to think about your place in the universe and the fact that these letters are draped over flowers connect that. You exist, but so does the person next to you and the tree on the corner. The dead guys you learn about in history also existed and had friends and feelings and stories and were apart of the universe.

I would like to pass this on to help people realize the benefits and meaning of living in the moment and placing your happiness ahead of anything else in life. I don’t think it’s selfish to think this way, as you are yourself and you exist.


6 thoughts on “I Exist- Paige McAllister

  1. shannonathena says:

    I like this a lot. It’s really easy to live inside your head and forget that the people around you have their own complex problems and struggles. People should be encouraged to step outside of themselves more and realize what the world has to offer.


  2. wesleywununo says:

    I agree with what you said for the assignment. Many people are so fixated on themselves that they can careless what happens to another human being. People should be more open minded to these situations and learn to think what would happen if I were in that person’s shoes.


  3. crystalhuang326 says:

    Yep! I’m with you, I’m on the same page. I think that this is exactly what it means to be educated. Learning the value and purpose of existence. It is absolutely life changing once someone learns to take a step out of their own perspective, to see life in another’s. Therefore, being able to understand each other and ourselves better.


  4. mlouisemora says:

    I like this post, good job! I think it’s important to recognize and assert one’s existence in the world, while respecting others and their existence. We all share one world and one reality, after all. We have one lifespan and we’ll spend an eternity not existing after this life, so it’s important that we make the most out of this one we have. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for me to dwell too much on the bad things that happen, instead I focus on and create the good I want to see. I think it’s important to try to keep happy and laugh away all the negativity that comes in one’s way.


  5. sophiaanna says:

    I really like your post because I think it is important to put your own happiness first and I also don’t think that that is selfish at all. While doing that you are not hurting anybody. I think that putting yourself first is a hard thing to do for a lot of people. They do get better at it with a lot of practicing and with time, but it is important that these people realize that you should not set yourself on fire in order to keep other people warm. Your happiness matters. You matter just because you exist.


  6. alyssabacchioni says:

    I totally agree with your post and comment. I think that we all get so caught up in trying to meet specific standards that we lose sight of doing things for ourselves and others. There’s a lot of pressure to succeed in life, but who’s to define success? It shouldn’t pertain to just doing well at school or work. I feel that simply being happy with yourself and being the best person you can be means a lot in this world.


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