Me And Me Only – Wesley Wun


Many people today are afraid to take risks and dream big. When some people do dream “Big” they are often criticized  for thinking differently from the norm of society. Dreaming big is a way of innovating, creating something out of the ordinary. A person’s imagination is intervened with their creativity,  how far one can imagine  can ultimately transform into their creativity. This creativity can result in a new product and it will probably strike others in awe.

However, one can’t JUST dream. Creators aren’t just born. You must learn to work hard and believe in yourself to make that dream come true for you. To prove others wrong and to show that the only obstacle of not achieving your dream is yourself. Ignore people that bring you down and do something for yourself, make a stand. There is no limit to how big one can dream, if your imagination is able to imagine, create it. Don’t just talk the talk and not walk the walk.

This was the piece of image I wanted to preserve because it was very powerful. Especially for me growing up in a Chinese household, I was always told that I should do that and not do this. I just think the image/quote is to remind us as humans that we create and imagine. We’re not robots, humans need to live life. You don’t want to be that person with that nine to five job waking up miserable as hell doing something you don’t enjoy. If you don’t want to live a life with regret, chase the dream. You can always say that you attempted and gave it your best effort even when you failed. But don’t let others tell you that you can’t because we all can, it’s a matter of believing and effort.


3 thoughts on “Me And Me Only – Wesley Wun

  1. crystalhuang326 says:

    I love clichés. I also believe that the key to success is behind the word cliché. I noticed in your post that behind the cliché of “dreaming big” were more clichés, “hard work”, “believing”, and “effort”. The fact of the matter is that you need all of them to succeed. You need to be checking off each and every one of those phrases in order to get where you want to be. It’s not something you just think about, it’s something you just do.


  2. Cheong Lau says:

    In the past, if someone told me I can’t to something or I am not capable of doing something, I would just listen to that person and give up. One day, I finally realize I can’t let others decide what I can do or what I should do because it’s my life and I should take control of it. I agree with what you said here, we all should at least try to chase our dreams, even if the end we fail, but at least we tried and we won’t live with that regret for the rest of our life.


  3. kim177t says:

    I, too am a part of an asian household and with older generations they tell us to do this and that and I hated doing what I was told. And so I broke off of that chain and said “Look, this is what I want, and this is what I will be doing from now on.” Nobody can say no to me anymore 🙂


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