Punk Rock Matters – Shannon Outcalt


This is a photo of The Ramones playing the legendary rock club CBGB’s in New York in 1977. I didn’t choose this photo because The Ramones are my favorite band or because punk rock is my favorite genre of music – I chose it because this era has influenced the underground/indie music I love in more ways than it’s possible to count. In order to appreciate a band like Nirvana, for instance, you have to know who their influences were and where they came from. The Ramones themselves were influenced by even earlier hard rock bands like The New York Dolls, for example. The passionate, DIY ethos of punk rock in the ’70s and beyond is something that artists can learn from today – creating your own record label to put out your own singles, championing your own shows, driving your own tour bus. These bands believed in their music and made the scene happen, which is fascinating in an age when most information was spread by word of mouth. I wasn’t around in the ’70s and thus have missed out on the hindsight of actually “being there”, so to speak, but I do know that the concerts I go to now and the artists I adore owe a lot to this era of music. This photo and these stories should be preserved so that kids in the future know this as well.


4 thoughts on “Punk Rock Matters – Shannon Outcalt

  1. AnnaElaizaGo says:

    Your post got me thinking of this image that made it into Fall Out Boy’s album cover a couple of years ago, that was actually from a real National Geographic archive (they edited out the AC/DC logo for their album…copyright issues?) : http://www.fuse.tv/image/5147624ab190e0b35900002c/816/545/inside-punk-and-a-monk-full-size.jpg

    I like how there is a mix of old (in this case, the traditional monk outfit) and new (AC/DC shirt) in our time and it’s all through music. Like your post, I’m sure the boy in that AC/DC shirt probably would’ve loved to be around for their concert.

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  2. shawntish says:

    Shawn Tish

    I am a fan of punk rock because of the social issues that the style of music brings to the forefront of the culture. It is unfortunate that hardly anyone takes these issues seriously because of how distinctly different these individuals appear. I am convinced that this is by design. You can say almost anything you want and even be promoted in doing so as long as
    A. You make money for the industry
    B. Nobody takes you seriously

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  3. tomaszr says:

    I am a big fan of punk rock, and of The Ramones as well. Their influence has spread further than just punk rock, with many great bands listing them as an influence. They wrote and played very simple songs, so it only goes to show that one does not need the complexity of an orchestra to reach popularity such as The Ramones have in their extensive music career.

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  4. nicholascgreco says:

    It is very refreshing to see an appreciation for the DIY tactics that were used to grow punk music into the massive and widely accepted music it is today. Though these DIY tactics aren’t spoken of as much today they are still very alive. Just last night I played a show in a dusty basement in Cyprus Hill to 30 people all for the sake of a good time. Always nice to hear people in the same situations who are now revered for that DIY attitude.

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