“They might have guns but we have flowers” - Cheong L.

This is an interview conducted by the Le Petit Journal after the Paris attacks in November 2015. In this video, a little kid is asked about the Paris attacks and he shows his fear. Then his dad starts to calm his son down by saying the flowers and candles are to protect them and to remember the people who passed away.

I really wish to preserve this video because I was moved by the conversation between the dad and his son and I have so many thoughts after watching this video. It makes me sad when the kid says “they have guns, they can shoot us” because we all know kids are innocent and they speak their mind. And I am just like this little kid, I am also fear of attacks and violence and wish these kind of things never happen. I think his dad did an amazing job not only calming his son, but he also tried to protect and educate his son. Even though his kid knew that the flowers and candles can’t stop bullets, I think what he’s trying tell him is that they should not use violence to stop violence, and they shouldn’t be afraid of it, people need to stay together and should not back down.

Cheong L – 1D07


7 thoughts on ““They might have guns but we have flowers” - Cheong L.

  1. Meghan Ng says:

    I personally find this footage touching because at the time of the Paris attacks the whole world was involved and supported the French people; I too was one of the many who sent my prayers to families from New York to Paris. Violence and hate is something we cannot avoid, but if we stand together there is still hope. I think you made a good choice in choosing to preserve this video, because it symbolizes the innocence and the fear children have as well as grown-ups. The power behind the statement “They might have guns but we have flowers” is something that definitely stands out and I feel the father in this video definitely handled the situation properly.


  2. wesleywununo says:

    I remembered watching this video after the Paris attacking and it moved me. That is an example of good parenting, not every problem is solved with violence. Adults act as role models to adolescents and if the child understood that violence won’t solve anything, it will become better for the next generation.


  3. slizcano says:

    This video clip is extremely moving. This conversation not only calmed the young boy down, I’m sure it has calmed down just about anyone who’s watched it. The message I got from the conversation was that love and peace can overpower violence in any situation. Battling violence with violence will never be the answer, we must make change through peace, humility and unity. With all of the war, shootings and bombings I’m sure this will change many peoples views on the world as a whole.


  4. kaylauu says:

    Seeing a child at such a young age, processing the negative repercussions of terrorism in his terms of “good and bad guys” is astonishing. The dynamic between his father, the reporter is truly heartfelt, because despite his fear over the matter, he represents the millions of other children praying for peace in Paris. This interview reiterated the violence that is prevalent in the world, but also sheds light on the unity amongst countries.


  5. kim177t says:

    I remember watching this footage on FaceBook and I agree everybody that it is heart warming. Children express a level of truth in their facial expression and in their speech that adults can’t. We’re all afraid, we just don’t admit it sometimes. Flowers represent love and peace. Though they have guns we have love and peace ❤


  6. fayemetcalf says:

    I watched this when it was shared on facebook, and I cried. It’s such a moving moment that shows that peace prevails over evil. It’s so heartwarming to see a child who’s innocence could have been lost through this tragedy still believe in the beauty of the world.


  7. nicholascgreco says:

    It not only speaks on behalf of that father but on behalf of that generation and how brave they are to be explaining things like that to their children. It is an extremely difficult hand to be dealt to put something so terrible into terms that promote not only denounce the acts but promote peaceful and healthy ways of dealing with them.


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