This Is Real, This Is Me – Gyasi Martin

This is the song on Kendrick Lamar’s song “Blacker The Berry” and to me it had to do with the hardships that black had to go through. It is a story that is very important in the emergence of minority groups, not just blacks throughout history. I think that recently this is the first rapper that made a rap song about the history of an entire group of people instead of just about the money they make, or how many girls they meet, etc. This is about the struggles that blacks and himself had to endure just to continue to struggle in society.

I want to preserve this piece of media because while there are different hashtags on social media which promote the equality of all people, this is a song that everybody can vibe to and really just relate with people. #BlackLivesMatter was important in the fact that there was a series of police brutality cases that were being dismissed but, this song can resonate with everything that black people had to endure throughout history.


One thought on “This Is Real, This Is Me – Gyasi Martin

  1. shannonathena says:

    I really love Kendrick Lamar and I agree that his music is extremely important – it’s political and aggressive and unapologetic. He’s definitely bringing awareness to the struggle of being black and not just focusing on the flashy cars and girls that rappers most often do.


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