Beyond the Wall

Beyond The Wall

This piece entitled “Unwelcomed Inervention”  done by graffiti artist Banksy is one of nine done on the Palestine Wall in 2005. The construction of wall is very controversial. It’s located in west Palestine on territory that is said to be property of Israel. While the Israeli’s say the wall was built for protection since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has yet to see a conclusion. Others feel that the wall was made to divided two cultures/religious groups from one another.

Banksy’s image is a symbol of hope that something better wait beyond the wall. The images has two boys depicted in black and white with a bucket and pale in hand ready to enter paradise. The typical setting that is depicted beyond the the wall is shown in vibrate color and is center on the wall with cracks along the sides of this abstract circle as if the discovery of is was unintentional.

This piece has great significance in the media more specifically popular culture. Many do not know that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still very much at play and has no signs of ending. As we sit back and live our lives as if world peace is on the horizon, we fail to see that many nations are still struggling for equality and still have long way to go until all is settled. I think Banksy is an incredible artist that brings much needed awareness to political issues around the world.


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