power of love

This image shows a wall on which the words “when the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace” are written and next to it is a little heart. I’ve seen this picture for the first time about a year ago and loved the message. Only now I have just discovered that Jimi Hendrix, an American rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, has said these words first before they were written on the wall so that every person who walks by it can see it and learn from it. It truly is a message that should be spread. Too many people love having control and power. They want wealth, territory and dominance and do not care who they are hurting while they are trying to get these things. These people are not interested in peace and do not understand how unimportant it is to have much territory and a lot of wealth. Their love for power is so strong that they do not shy away from taking other people’s human rights away, demeaning them or even killing them. People are escaping from unsafe countries every day and risk coming to safer countries on unsafe and dangerous “boats”. Men, women and children are drowning on their way to safer countries but the possibility of death while escaping to a better future seems better than living in warzones where they could get killed every day. There is so much violence out there and directed at almost everyone. Every marginalized group has experienced violence in some form or another. Women have experienced it, people of color have experienced, LGBT communities have experienced it, etc. And it is not okay! Every time I hear or read about another violent incident, it hurts me deeply and because I am a pacifist, I sometimes feel like something is dying inside of me just by reading, seeing or hearing about it. It makes me feel like humanity has failed. However, I do know that there are a lot of people out there who fight for equality and peace. They know that spreading love and kindness will lead to happiness and harmony and they know that everybody deserves safety, love and all human rights. I would want to preserve this image because it spreads awareness. It is a message and makes people think. It also offers a peaceful solution. Violence is destructive. Nothing good can come from it; it only causes suffering. Therefore, it is important that we use our brains correctly and become fully human again. People are different but that is good. We should appreciate our differences and love each other because we are all human. Only then we will know peace. – Sophia Woodruff


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