Words in Action

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Society has a way in responding to how they feel, what they think etc. When a thought pops to mind, whether it’s good or bad, if brought out by the mouth it may have the effect to turn into an action. This is a way in which society expresses themselves.  Just think about how many wars, arguments started just because of one word. Words have the power to bring someone down or lift them up. One – society, has the power to determine how their day will be like, what thoughts they let penetrate in their head, what words they’ll let come out of their mouth, what actions they’ll take. This, being either good or bad will affect the next day or the people surrounding the person.

Society gives self-expression by speaking. You can go to the most diverse place in New York City and everyone is trying to convince you of something. For example, if you go to Times Square and enter a MAC store, you start looking at lipsticks or the cosmetic that caught your eye, a Sales Associate will come to you and convince you with her words to buy a product. She will advise what color goes great with your with your skin tone, the product’s quality etc. Those words may turn into action by her putting the color close to your face or on your lips to convince you until you either walk away or buy it. This is just a small example, but words have the power to convince. Another example is when you try to cheer up your best friend or disanimate a person. You have the power to use the weapon for good or bad.

The pictures posted explain how one has the power. One has the power in their mind, mouth and actions. It’s up to one to “…think more and speak less” that way we know what words to say, we have already meditated in our thoughts, we know the message to send to the other person, we know if we should be quiet or go ahead and say what we think. It’s crazy how ones’ form of self-expression beings with our actions of letting something come out of the mouth. Think before you speak.



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