Get In Formation – Brittney Phillips

With the uprising and consistency of discrimination and disrespect towards African American people in this country theres a need for change. People of color have been fighting for their rights since the earliest days of colonialism and slavery. It’s incredibly sad to say it is now 2016 and an entire race of people is still under the shackles of modern day slavery.There have been many accomplishments, but over the last 2-3 years of these violent killings of our young African American men and women at the hands of police brutality would say we are moving backwards rather than moving closer to the goal of true freedom and acceptance.

Being that we unfortunately don’t have influential leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X during the civil right movement our modern day movement is struggling to succeed at creating real change. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people trying of course, hence we have groups, such as the #BlackLivesMatters keeping a following afloat. Furthermore, when Beyonce released the Formation song and video many were taken by surprise with the new direction she was taking.

The song Formation touches upon many social, racial and political issues for African Americans. Having to do with the clear message of discrimination and lack of regard for blacks, hence there is rarely any justice for these senseless killings. Also, the lack of caring about the well being of blacks is touched upon how many people of New Orleans are still struggling years after Hurricane Katrina. Lastly, Beyonce touches upon the way society believes everyone needs to be. society depots a person who is skinny, with perfect slender facial parts, straight hair and most particularly they should be WHITE! Ms. Beyonce is hear to let all of us know we can no longer except this and we need to GET IN FORMATION!


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