Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse (Cadavre Exquis) is a poetry form and art developed in the 1920s among Surrealists. It is used as a visual but primarily written form. The concept was thought to have originally developed from a parlor game called Consequences, or formed by a similar means.

Call For Action

Drawing inspiration from the film “Soldiers without Swords”, “Exercises in the Restoration in History”  our readings and discussion, create a poem surrounding the idea of “A Call For Action” (ie..freedom fighters.). So how this works is each student will contribute (post) just one line after reading the previous line. The poem will build as each person add their line.Whomever is the first to post starts off the poem. There are roughly about 44 of you combining both sections  so this will be a relatively lengthy poem.

*****Please post your line directly to this post by clicking on comment and adding your line. This way the poem will be easier to read in class. We will record the poem next class and I will post the final piece in the next couple/few weeks.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to post your line, doing so will make this short assignment tough. Please go ahead and post so you classmates can build from your idea. Your post by Saturday March 5, 2016 @7:00pm


38 thoughts on “Exquisite Corpse

  1. shawntish says:

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds in a society that promotes censorship and perpetuates divisiveness and hatred in its “educational” institutions.


  2. mlouisemora says:

    Do not dismiss me and what I can potentially bring into this world–I am more than my color, my race, and your preconceived notions of what it means to be me.


  3. shannonathena says:

    I will change the way people think despite your best efforts at reinforcing the status quo.


  4. betania100 says:

    I am me. In my own unique way. The world won’t influence me, but I will influence it. My character will bring a change. Not by the color of my skin, but with the attitude I shall bring.

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  5. sborkina says:

    My gender is not a determinant of my experiences and capabilities. You must not make assumptions about me based on how I act as a result of my gender.


  6. eclipsate says:

    What is gender, anyway?


  7. Tony Turner says:

    Masculine or Feminine many would say. But gender has much conflict today.


  8. alyssabacchioni says:

    These questions that preoccupy our mind, whether the answer is subjective or objective why do we let them take up our time?


  9. crystalhuang326 says:

    It is human nature to judge– the mistakes made today are permanent for tomorrow. What kind of path do we want to pave for the future generations?


  10. christopher1020 says:

    Because these questions define our generation, and we need to find answers before they have a chance to cause even more devastation.


  11. saramiller65 says:

    But what if there are no answers to these questions? Will we keep spiraling down into destruction? There are no answers without action.


  12. nicholascgreco says:

    Actions must be taken by everyone, not just talking of taking action, but actually acting and making the tough decisions that need to be made to ensure no further destruction

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  13. Meghan Ng says:

    You say we are free but are we really? Freedom has a way of destroying things that mean so much to us.

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  14. libbylu77 says:

    destruction of the self due to what is said is just and true is the downfall of the American people. But cane we change that and see the light at the end of the tunnel?


  15. Nischal says:

    Can we modify the prejudiced system and be free, contented and actually live our life for once?

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  16. camilanoelle says:

    We’ll speak out to spread awareness. Its our only shot at fairness


  17. sophiaannaa says:

    Use your brain and heart and realize finally that we all share one truth: we are all human. We all deserve the same rights and privileges.


  18. grosario611 says:

    We share one truth but there are those who would blind the masses, twisting the truth into a weapon of hate.


  19. tomaszr says:

    Look to the past, and from there you shall obtain the knowledge to make a better future for you and me.


  20. wesleywununo says:

    Don’t look to the past, keep moving forward. Run forest run, GET to the chopper.


  21. bphillips412 says:

    As you run, find as much support as you can. The one band army never did anything substantial. It takes a village of people of all kind to come together and unite.


  22. hugowrites says:

    unite – for Change – and prepare for Alienation. He and Change are best friends, continue – and welcome Strength.


  23. kaylauu says:

    Use your voice to change preconceived perspectives that diminish other’s self worth.


  24. pravi74 says:

    Enough with the disparaging ideas that threaten to keep us down. Stand tall, speak loud. Let your voice be heard.


  25. Cheong Lau says:

    There’s no need to be afraid because we will eventually prevail.


  26. gyasi96 says:

    Prevailing it comes from the mind and heart so don’t let the higher ups put you in the dirt.


  27. marleej93 says:

    So let us all cut the strings that control us and let our dreams become reality.


  28. jaiimeriinaldii says:

    Let the strings be our reference to how far we have come, because we are strong when we are one.


  29. I don’t want to change you, or the world, but by changing myself our story can be told


  30. scaragan says:

    However, we must not be silent, because inaction will leave our stories untold.


  31. Nicole DeRose says:

    Is it better to change the world or to change oneself? Leaving your story untold through silence allows others to write your history for you


  32. slizcano says:

    We may feel as if our voices alone will only sound like faint whispers, but together we can project our cry for change and be heard by all


  33. Untold stories will leave the world blind; so stand up, stand tall and speak your mind.


  34. joscelyn13 says:

    We are stronger together, and united as one. We can make a difference if we all just listen. Open your eyes, don’t turn a blind eye.

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  35. The world is much brighter than what’s in the sky, let our minds be open and our hearts full of pride.


  36. kim177t says:

    Oh, full of undying hope, strength and justice
    together shall we fly? Finally (?)


  37. AnnaElaizaGo says:

    to a place where our inked swords can be sharpened to carve out the wrongs,
    and be sheathed to softly draw out our peace.


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