Woodstock-A Call For Change (Alyssa Bacchioni)

Woodstock is a story that I wish to preserve, because it stood for more than just music and a fun time. In a time of war, specifically the Vietnam War, the United States was at a protest. There were anti-war marches and other protests for peace. It sparked an anti-war movement that was widespread and expressed also through music as seen in the festival of Woodstock. Woodstock provided people with the right to rise against the American government. Despite being a political spectacle, it was portrayed as a place of hippies and drugs. Woodstock represents a counterculture rising against the mainstream and high authority.

The concert provided a stage for not only the artists, but also the people to be heard. It attracted people who wanted to fight for the same cause, and according to Student Pulse (2012) is “ arguably the most influential musical event that spread the message of peace towards the close of the decade.” The lyrics of the artists told a story and stimulated feelings of pain, anger, happiness, and so much more. Music was used as a form of expression that allowed the people to share their thoughts and perspectives on events. It is also a nonviolent way to ignite change and threaten the mainstream.


It is important to realize just how influential music is in life and the movements it has raised. Music is influenced, and also influences, the time period in which it comes about. It is universal, regardless of language, race, or socioeconomic background and has the power to unite people in times of need stand as a beacon of hope.


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