Giving a Voice- Alyssa Bacchioni

What has resonated with me throughout our lectures is the voice that literature gives to the voiceless. Professor Ewen spoke about the problems that arise the rise of print, but also how literacy equals knowledge, which equals freedom. He talked about how literacy and media created a voice for those who were considered the “subculture” or discriminated against, such as the Black Press. I find it necessary to keep alternative news sources in media so that these voices do not go unheard. We are a society that is influenced by media everyday of our lives. It shapes us, whether we are aware of it or not, and as Bradbury suggested in Fahrenheit 451, it can obliterate freedom and contribute to an epidemic of social amnesia. This is why I feel it is so important to understand the power that the media has and use it to our advantage to better society.


6 thoughts on “Giving a Voice- Alyssa Bacchioni

  1. makiaharper says:

    Thanks Alyssa for sharing we will continue to explore this idea during the remainder of the course.


  2. bphillips412 says:

    In addition to everything you said I found it to be truly inspirational from everything we have learned is how hard these people worked to make their voices heard. Anything and everything was done to oppress these people and hold the back from any potential growth and they didn’t sit back, complain, and dwell. Instead they fought back! Furthermore, this disappoints me with society today and myself in general. We are so distracted by nonsense and completely un-unified that we can’t create a positive change. I wish we all had the same momentum as these people.


    • Tony Turner says:

      I really agree with your post considering all the unheard voices and perspectives out here today. The mainstream media has a habit of only broadcasting specific POVs for exploitation and attention. But there are still grassroots forms of media that give the voiceless a much necessary voice. It’s all about what connects to the public the most and unfortunately in most cases, many important POVs get ignored.


  3. Meghan Ng says:

    After reading your post, I agree with what you are trying to say. If we don’t have a voice or a say in society, we will not be able to speak our minds, thus government will be able to take full control over what we put out as media. I also like your example of Fahrenheit 451 in your response to what resonated with you.


  4. saramiller65 says:

    Coming from living abroad, I can completely confirm the bias in American news networks. Fox news is most obviously bias in favor of conservatism, and MSNBC is clearly bias in favor of a more liberal ideology. The only way to truly get unbiased news is to get your information from various different networks. It is very important that alternative news sources continue to exist in order for us to understand both sides of the story and make an informed decision of our own.


  5. catherinewalker95 says:

    I agree that it’s very important to have alternative streams of media that can reflect all different opinions and perspectives. No one source can tell all possible sides of every story or cater to every single demographic and their needs. It’s helpful to see all sides of a story before developing your own opinion on an issue.


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