Mind Control – Tony T.

    One of main ideas explored in this class that has resonated with me so far is the idea of the indirect mind control the media has over society or many groups of people. The question of who controls the media, so many of us consume? Why do we dedicate our attention to such media sources? It may be to escape the boring/routine realities of some of our lives, to keep up with our favorite celebrities/the current trends or simply for pure entertainment. Personally, I often find myself caught up in some of the media stories about today’s celebs. I wonder if it’s really mind control if I ultimately made the decision to look up or follow these stories since no one forced me to. I like the idea of having something to discuss/debate online about a trend or big news story that the media has blown up. So, I think part of the “mind control” is really a personal habit many of us develop over the years of being exposed to various media sources.


6 thoughts on “Mind Control – Tony T.

  1. makiaharper says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for sharing, this a resounding theme/idea that will continue through the remainder of the course.

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  2. bphillips412 says:

    I agree, but I do believe the media is trying to shape how we think and what is important. When you turn on your 6pm news or open the newspaper and the biggest stories of the day are pertaining to reality tv personalities or other irrelevant stories this is clearly trying to keep us distracted and ignorant. Your average person doesn’t go out of their way to do research and seek information. Furthermore, they just take what they’re given as face value.

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  3. alyssabacchioni says:

    Your post raising some interesting questions and I agree with what you’re saying. I feel like I personally am controlled by the media in ways I am not even aware of. Everyday I, and billions of people, am subjected to some form of media, whether it be an ad or a commercial. In the sense of “mind control”, I feel like it is all very indirect. While I make the choice to get consumed by my favorite E-Network news show, in a way, I also feel as if I have to watch. I feel like I have to because it is a way to follow the trends that I desire to meet because they were put into my head by the media via advertisements and songs and such.

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  4. Meghan Ng says:

    I agree with Alyssa in that I am also personally controlled by media even if I am not aware of it. We are so consumed by this idea of social media being a social construct in our society. It has indefinitely grown to be a part of who we are, and there is no escaping it…unless if you were to strictly prohibit yourself to such entertainment through electronics and such.

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  5. christopher says:

    I like what you say because it is similar to what I thought about while reading Fahrenheit 451. The way that Montag’s wife is consumed by the media of her time. It makes me wonder what is to say that our culture isn’t heading in the same direction? Will whoever controls the media force us to think how they want us to think? Bradbury’s book has really opened my eyes to some frightening questions such as those.

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  6. jaiimeriinaldii says:

    It seems as though we become addicted to silly social media pages. I know I am guilty of it. Rather than checking various news sources, I’ll check a newspaper’s twitter page instead because it is easier. There are times when I do my research, but then silly pictures and meaningless articles cloud my more serious thoughts and concerns. It is certainly an issue, but we can make a change starting with ourselves.

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