Photography-Christopher L.

One of the things that resonated with me in the course were the discussions on photography and the impact pictures have on us. First of all, when Prof. Ewen brought up the fact that until photos came around, people hadn’t seen famous landmarks like the pyramids of Egypt unless they went there themselves. This seemed like a fairly common thing everyone was aware of but I hadn’t thought of that before and it made me feel so lucky to live in a time where we can easily see photos of the world just by using our phones. On another note, photos have such an impact I never considered before. In All Consuming Images, Prof. Ewen writes about how pictures are presented in a specific way by the media in order to impact the target audience. For example, how products are made more desirable by using bright colors to grab your attention. Companies don’t really think about whether an ad about fitness that has a muscular man driving a car surrounded by beautiful half-naked women is offending or not. They are just using imagery to manipulate your feelings so they can sell their “product”. Ever since that lesson I have looked at ads in such a different perspective and always asked myself, “Why do I like this ad and want this product? What caught my eye?” It makes me think and eventually realize what the ad is doing to grab my attention, and how the media is controlling me.


4 thoughts on “Photography-Christopher L.

  1. mlouisemora says:

    I totally agree. I love how images can display before us places that we’ve never been before and can potentially place us in the shoes of whoever resides there. I love how images can portray so much– apparently or subliminally. Beyond the physical features within a picture, can lie a plurality of meaning. I also think it’s interesting how advertising takes advantage of this phenomena in order to encourage a consumer to buy something through subliminal messages. It truly makes me wonder how many of my economic decisions are actually my own.


  2. eclipsate says:

    I agree with you and now realize that I never examined ads to see why I was interested in the product. It is also hard for us to imagine life without photography and how much of an impact in had when it first became popular.


  3. I also never thought about the fact that we mainly just get to see the world through images. I guess I tend to take advantage of the fact that we can use the internet for everything such as “googling” a picture. I also look at ads more critically now and examine what they are really selling and how they are presenting the product.


  4. marleej93 says:

    When the professor stated that people haven’t seen certain landmarks unless they physically went there really stuck to me. It makes me think about how lucky we are to live in a time where anything is possible to visually and mentally experience if we are unable to attend a specific landmark thanks to photography


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