Ashley Wakeham: Education

One theme that has resonated with me in class is the desire and drive for an education. A lot of the readings that we have discussed in class showed how people were oppressed and had to fight for the right to receive an education or even to read. In, “Learning to Read and Growing in Knowledge,” we see how Frederick Douglass was being taught to read by his master’s wife until his master found out. His desire to learn is greatly shown in this piece when he talks about how much reading meant to him and how knowledge is the key to ending their oppression. We also see how reading is taken away from the cigar makers in, “Exercises in the Restoration of History,” when the lectoras are told that they could not come to the factory anymore. They valued the readings so much that they went on strike in hopes of their return. Frankie Mae also had to put working in the fields before her education. I feel as though education is not appreciated the way it should be and even today we can see how there are people that are not able to receive a good education. I believe that when we appreciate the value of our education we can succeed and there are no limits to what we can accomplish.


3 thoughts on “Ashley Wakeham: Education

  1. wesleywununo says:

    It’s true how education motivates so many people. But when I compare my situation to those people wanting more education ; I take it for granted.. Their optimism is what drives this desire, to have a better future. Especially Frankie Mae, she has this persistence no matter what the odds. She is a great role model and she gave her best in everything she did. If she was able to teach herself during that era, we as students have no excuse since learning is much more convenient in today’s society.


  2. betania100 says:

    I agree on how important education is in our society. Education is fundamental for the knowledge we have today. For example, if we never stepped into kindergarten or first grade we wouldn’t be where we are now. Throughout time, knowledge has been placed in our heads and we create our way in bringing them out. For the people that don’t value education or, worse, don’t have education ar missing out on great things. Knowledge is a valuable thing.


  3. Pravita R says:

    I agree that having an education is a motivator, but I also think that it’s something that those with access to it take for granted. From Frederick Douglass’s position, having all that knowledge opened him up to the possibility of having more for himself. He realized what his place in society really was and in the end, he didn’t let it stop him. In today’s society, an education is becoming more and more of a necessity and even though it may be daunting at times, I think most people with access to education do realize this. I agree that if we put more effort into our studies, anything is possible.


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