Manipulation Sara Miller 1D08

The theme of manipulation resonated with me and has been a common thread in this course, appearing in works such Fahrenheit 451. In dystopian future portrayed in the this novel, books are ban and replaced with shallow forms of entertainment. The reason why this stuck with me is due to the rise in our own society of empty entertainment. Many years ago it was more common to read a book for fun rather than watch shows with no substance such as “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. In Fahrenheit 451, and in real life, the space for critical thinking in our lives have significantly shrunk as people spend more time invested in their phones, social media, and television sets that only serve to entertain rather than educate. As shallow forms of entertainment continue to rise in popularity, people, like in the novel, are being trained to resume the role of “happy idiots”.


3 thoughts on “Manipulation Sara Miller 1D08

  1. eclipsate says:

    I agree with you and think it is ironic that many don’t see the connection between mindless media and oppression like in Fahrenheit 451. It is hard to find people that fully live in the moment and are not distracted by social media or their phones.


  2. christopher says:

    I fully agree that people are being trained to be “happy idiots” as they become obsessed with their technology. This is especially prevalent in children whose “toys” become tablets and smartphones rather than actually physical toys that require imagination.


  3. nicholascgreco says:

    I think this rise in mind numbing media is sad and goes completely unnoticed. People don’t even realize the level of disconnect that is coming with this growth in mind numbing media. We’re in an immensely populated city and I can go an entire day without saying a word to anyone and not even realizing it. It’s scary


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