Paige McAllister

What’s really been interesting and resonated with me is the idea that the Church had so much control historically and religion is the basis for many modern problems of our society. For example, as discussed in lecture, Protestantism focuses on improving yourself and constantly trying to become closer to God. This is reflected in the lack of self confidence in most people today and constant commercials and advertisements for products that will make you more attractive, smarter, successful, thinner, etc. I would never have made a connection between this and the Church. It is also amazing to me what a profound effect the availability of bibles had. What’s in the bible didn’t change, but because people were able to read and interpret it themselves they began questioning the Church and authority, leading to important social changes. Again, I would never have realized such a connection between the two.


2 thoughts on “Paige McAllister

  1. sophiaannaa says:

    It was also super new to me to know that there is a link between the church and improving yourself and your image. Even though we are exposed to advertisements that tell us all the time to buy this product and that product to make us better and prettier, I would never have thought that it originates from the church. It just shows how much power the church holds back then and now and how influential it is.


  2. Rina Gorvokaj says:

    The church has always had a lot of influence. Even today, on our dollar bill it says In God We Trust, and in court we have to swear on the Bible. There is a concept that church and state are supposed to be separate, but it obviously is not the reality.


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