Wesley Wun: Fahrenheit 451 and Media

Through all the readings and lectures so far in Media 180, Fahrenheit 451 has resonated with me the most. It’s a description of how far a government will go to contain a society and maintain power. The government will do ANYTHING to keep the people in check. It’s scary because it can be related to modern society of today. For example, the government in Fahrenheit 451 didn’t allow books to be read by the people. The government was scared that if the people of the society educated themselves, they wouldn’t live about their lives and begin to question authority. The government controlled all aspects in life and made sure that their power never slipped from their control. That police chase on Montag showed to people that media is not always true. Media is bias and it is portrayed in a way to persuade viewers their perspective.  The “regular” people are often not exposed to the truth because of the people with money/power. Media is very powerful and it’s display can be influential.


3 thoughts on “Wesley Wun: Fahrenheit 451 and Media

  1. sophiaannaa says:

    I agree that the media is very powerful and biased. I also was not aware how influential it can be and how often it can be or is controlled by the government and the people who have a lot of money. I also think that Fahrenheit 451 teaches you a lot about government control and I really think people should start talking about both issues more in schools to educate people. Through the media people are getting influenced to behave in a certain way or think in a certain way and they do not even realize that this is happening. This can be very dangerous…


  2. catherinewalker95 says:

    I agree with your idea that the government will do anything and use the media to stay in control. I think it’s interesting how in several ways Ray Bradbury predicted the future of America in “Fahrenheit 451”.


  3. nicholascgreco says:

    Another example of the government’s control on society is the taping of cellphones and spying on internet use. This is one of the few things the government was not thought to have control, or at the very least, access too in order to protect our right to privacy. Now there isn’t a step you can take without the government knowing about it and that’s a scary thought.


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