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A theme that has resonated with me so far throughout the course has been how important self-education is . We see censorship, manipulation and control of the media has occurred in the past for many different people. Wether the oppression of the tobacco rollers in the factories or african-americans thru slavery,  literacy has been used as a harmful tool to control and restrict groups.  These people were not as fortunate as we are today . They had to fight for their right to education and bathroom. Slaves were not even taught to read . It was not until Frederick Douglas changed this precedent. Furthermore, the course has made me appreciate the opportunities that we have in today’s society. Our ancestors did not receive the same privileges and resources that we now have access too. This has made me even more appreciative and thankful for the rights they fought to earn for us . In addition, self-education has been highlighted to me from the course.  Learning is never-ending and you must always be a free thinker. We cannot always believe what we are told .  Each person has their own opinion and perspective and this is what makes us unique . To control literacy is to keep them dependent on you . The media controls what they do and do not want us to see. Everything has been chosen carefully. Nothing is random


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