Book Detachment- Marlee Jeudy

What really resonated with me during this semester so far was the story and the message behind Fahrenheit 451. This book was written in the 1950’s and pretty much predicted the future based on how people will act on an everyday basis because of technological change. Almost every professor I’ve had in college mention the amount of work they use to do when they were undergraduates because there weren’t any computers or smart phones to depend on. Their entire education was dedicated to books. I compare the past to life now and it seems amazing that people eliminated books from their agenda. We are replacing books with google and ebooks because we have a tablet to look on. The other day I walked into my neighborhood library and only the elderly were deciding on books to read from the shelves. During one of our lectures, Professor Ewens mentions Plato who was a Greek philosopher. He wrote a book called The Republic and it is based on shadow puppets that represented reality. As a metaphor, he is saying that humanity is being destroyed because the people are confused and they are taking pleasure in their own collective self destruction.


One thought on “Book Detachment- Marlee Jeudy

  1. grosario611 says:

    Farenheit 451 really resonated with me as well and it’s eerie how relevant Ray Bradbury’s book is to this day. The whole “technology has us divided” case is a complicated one though. Google and Wikipedia have taught me more today than I probably would have known in the past but how much of it would Beatty say is “non-combustible” and safe.


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