Continually Learning – Jaime Rinaldi

When I think of the Media 180 class, knowledge, communication, and energy come to mind. Without the care for knowledge we would live in a completely different world. Without the use of communication via vernacular, the stories of the past would probably be lost in translation conveying different messages from each story teller to the next. This has been happening for centuries, only today messages change more rapidly via social media. Books and other concrete forms of retaining messages allow for us to hold on to these stories, whether fact or fiction, for longer periods of time. Without energy we would not receive and retain these messages with much appreciation. We are continually learning and a class like this provides a spark for change with every meeting.

I truly enjoyed the movie ‘Style Wars’ and book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ because it emphasized how important it is to question authority and challenge the known. In ‘Style Wars’, the group of artists both young and old worked together creating messages via graffiti. They proved to not only themselves, but to the public that they could make it “all city” no matter what forces were trying to stop them, even including Mom! The graffiti artists received hate from “bombing” the subway cars as some of the public thought it looked messy or ugly. It is more than ten years later and look who is being talked about, the artists not the ones resisting it! In my opinion, public space should be filled with art, meaningful messages, unfiltered pictures and words that could potentially spark a thought leading to positive change! Today, we see silly pictures in the “news” and headlines that rarely convey impactful messages. There is an emphasis on the blind obedience of the public. Nodding our heads with every opinion we hear, going along with it because we are too busy to care or look deeper into the stories we are told is a major problem. We are all guilty of it. This is conveyed through ‘Fahrenheit 451’ as Bradbury reminds us that the essence of being human is threatened when there is a failure of memory. Memory essential to survival and progression. You can help to change the system by not giving up on yourself and others. We all should continually expand our knowledge by reading more and learning from each other through communication. There is an opportunity to spark positive energy from one life to another at any moment, take the leap and try to make a change!


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