What resonated with me was the story of Frankie Mae. Frankie Mae was so eager to be a person in the world she started to act as those who were her masters. She started to keep records of her expenses. She was delicate in the way people spoke with her and the tone taken with her stuck. In one instant she could go from her good mood to one of loneliness and depression. This inner struggle along with the struggle to be herself and to make something of her self stuck out. After her master yelled at her she was no longer able to live. She struggled to find her happy self and died sad and alone. In many ways we all struggle with ourselves. Through media especially, because many a time, the media dictates our lives. The media shows us how to live and how to be and how to act. We allow these outsiders to establish our personal lives and not allow us to think for ourselves. This struggle of self identification and self awareness is what I think what Frankie Mae was struggling with and is a foundation of every persons daily life.


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