was ist Hipster – Hug0 Urqu/eta

Media – the literal plural of medium, embodies all the tools (mediums of communications) past, present, and future available, to convey a message through space-time.

As time moves forward, the methods available at our disposal are ever-growing, ever-changing, and more importantly, evermore accessible. As a result, shifting the all-mighty power of communicating an idea from the few to the many. Providing the everyday citizen, with total control on what they may convey, or how they choose to convey, whatever information, including, of course, themselves – ourselves.

Living in a present day, self-regulating, ever-judging, panoptic society, It is easy to understand why the way we choose to portray ourselves has continued to change, as various forms of media have become more readily accessible. These tools allow anyone to completely embody what they may see as an ideal form of themselves.

Why imagine it, only in your thoughts, when you can tell the world, that the fictitious version of who you desire to be is in fact the real you.

Enter – Ideal™ in a can, we now have the ability to purchase our ideal. Why work hard to improve yourself when its good enough that those around you think it so, it may even motivate them to work harder – at improving their portrayed image – maybe a can of Ideal XL™.

For the most part, we all desire to be individuals, to be unique, to be exemplary, but if we are all special – no one is.

Even if we create a: style, thought, form, only unique to ourselves – we cannot keep it to ourselves, it identifies us, as such, it forms the projection of ourselves to the world. Unfortunately, this also means that it is only a matter of time before it is added to the next batch of Ideal™ – commodified and ready for sale.

There will always be the actual few needles in the haystack – but for the rest of us:


One thought on “was ist Hipster – Hug0 Urqu/eta

  1. marleej93 says:

    I totally agree with your last statement. I remember during one of our discussions somebody pointed out that there is no such thing as their own unique style simply because people are shopping at the same stores and being influenced by the same people and music.


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