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Publicity Campaign– Organ Donation Awareness: “Organ Hunters”

Goals: To raise awareness of the importance of organ donation and how easy it is to register to be a donor and help save lives. Our end goal is to inspire people in Hunter to take action and register to be donors.

Group Members/Roles:

Catherine — Research

Marley — Design flyers/handouts

Alyssa — Outreach


Time Line:

April 27- May 4– continued research

May 4- May 11– create flyers and educational materials for dispersal in Hunter

May 11-18– organize an event (“Organ Hunters”) where students can spread the word via social media hashtags and have help registering to donate on the spot



Media on Children and Adolescence- Project 3 Work Plan

Media on Children and Adolescence- Project 3 Work Plan 1D08 10:10

Goals: The negative implications that media has on the social behavior of children and adolescents is becoming a big issue. Think of the concept of observational learning, which is when a child observes and then imitates that certain behavior of the media (television, music, social media sites, etc.). We are trying to bring awareness to the consequences of media on the social relationship, interaction, behavior of children and adolescents have towards each other.

Group Members/Roles:

All are responsible for research, creating questions for survey, distributing survey.

Crystal — Media evolution, Media effects on the brain and youth

Joscelyn– bobo doll experiment, Bandura social learning theory (interaction between children and  parents)

Reed — Document/record/keep track of campaign, psychology of kids/teens

Nischal— Launch campaign on campus, document/record,

Gyasi— Causation vs correlation, launch campaign on campus

Time Line:

Apr 27- May 5: Independent research on assigned topics

May 6- May 9/10: Create [weekend] and Distribute Survey [monday]

May 10-May 15: Analyze and report results of survey, putting together research and creating the final presentation

Tobacco Awareness Campaign Project 3-Work Plan

Group Members: Meghan N., Jaime R., Arjeta K., Rina G. (10:10)


  • To raise awareness on the negative effect of smoking tobacco on CUNY campuses. To communicate with students at Hunter to see if they are aware of the strict policy that has already been in effect since September 2012. Inform them about the death roll every year, and how they can seek help if they want to quit.

Group Members/Roles:

  • Meghan N.- Campus Recordings/ Interview Recording/ Video Editing
  • Jaime R.- Campus Observations/ Interviewer/ Research
  • Arjeta K.- Campus Observations/ Survey Distribution/ Interviewer
  • Rina G.- Campus Observations/ Survey Distribution/ Research


*Websites that provide information about CUNY’s Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control


Week 1:

  • Research- Collect 3-5 resources and references (April 28- May 2)
  • Observe- Observe Hunter students to keep track of the locations where students smoke and an approximate estimate of how many people use tobacco products around the school (May 3- 7)
  • Survey- Allow tobacco users and non-smokers to take a survey (May 8-10)

Week 2:

  • Interviews with 2-3 people around the campus (May 10-11)
  • Constructing presentation (May 12-14)

Campaign Project 3 Work Plan-Masculinity


To raise awareness about how our society has shaped the definition of what masculinity  is and what it means to “be a man” and how these terms affect men, women and children in a negative way.

Group Members/Roles

Chris: Lead Presentation Creator

Tony: Experiment Designer

Nicholas:Data Manager/Analyzer

Gustavo: Lead Presenter and Assistant Presentation Creator

Brittany: Researcher


Websites such as these that provide information about Masculinity masculinity/ b 1776489.html

Time Line

Week 1: Research our topic

Week 2: Perform Experiment(s) on Campus. Draw conclusions from the Analysis and inform students on campus about that consequences of viewing masculinity in the way society has outlined it and record their reactions. Also, after informing them, ask them how mainstream representations of masculinity may have impacted their lives.

Week 3: Present our findings about how masculinity is portrayed in the media and how it is affecting people. (May 16th)

Perception/Judgement Campaign Project 3 – Work Plan


To raise awareness about why males and females tend to feel more comfortable with individuals of the same gender in society. To determine whether it is or is not a subconscious inclination or if it is due to internalized stereotypes.

Group Members/Roles


Survey composition, Research, Survey distribution, Campus Observations/Recording


Survey composition, Research, Survey distribution, Campus Observations/Recording


Survey composition, Research, Video Editing, Video Interviews, Campus Observations/Recording


Survey composition, Research, Project work plan/proposal, Campus Observations/Recording, Video Editing, Presentation


Video Interviews, Campus Observations/Recording, Video editing, Research


  • Psychology of Gender Roles, Stereotypes
  • Survey statistics from a small sample of Hunter students
  • Using online search engines
  • Hunter College Library Forums

Time Line

Week 1

  • Research [April 27-May 6,2016]
  • Hunter campus surveys [Finished on May 2, 2016]
  • Campus observations [May 2-13, 2016]

Week 2 

  • In-depth interviews [May 9, 2016]
  • Video clips [May 9, 2016]
  • Constructing presentation [May 2-13, 2016]

Campaign-Project 3 Work Plan


To spread awareness of the importance of marrow donation in the face of blood cancers and disease as well as to inform and encourage students to be swabbed.

Group Members/Roles:

Mary Louise: Polling for general knowledge on the topic / Flyer Making and Distribution

Libby: Research on topic/ Information booth worker

Sydney: Polling for general knowledge on the topic/ Flyer Making and Distribution

Simona: Research on topic

Alyssa: Information booth worker

Research: (2015) – the official site dedicated to curing blood cancer through marrow donation

Time Line:

Week 1: Research/ Polling

Week 2: Presentation of Findings and Information at Booth

Campaign-Project 3 Work Plan

At this point in your planning process you should be assembling your research,  defining your roles, creating a timeline and fine tuning your campaign goals. In an outline format provide a few sentences/lines describing your project, the sources that you will utilizing,  if applicable partnerships,  the goal of your campaign, research (so far), the role of each group member, and the time line for the remaining stages of your campaign. For Example, your work plan should read  as follows:


To raise awareness on Tuition Hikes at CUNY.

Group Members/Roles




Hunter College Annual Report, 2015.

Time Line

Week 1: Research

Week 2:

This is due by Wednesday April 27, 2016, 5:00pm





Mental Health Outreach – Hugo U.

Mental health is a very important aspect of a person’s overall health, yet it seem that it is constantly overlooked.

Given that my understanding of the importance of mental health has come from select college classes as well as personal research, I feel that this is still a taboo topic that need to  be made more popular.

It is only through discourse that we can change society’s perception on a subject, and hopefully begin/continue to prevent poor mental health and its serious repercussions.

Media affects on childhood- Joscelyn S., Crystal H. 10:10

) Kids are growing up too fastSexual activities are very prominent in media. Is there no such thing as decency or preserving innocence anymore? Examples of T.V. shows, Toddlers & Tiaras or Teen Mom. Also, you see child or teen stars with tons of makeup and wardrobe, pushed to look older. This is not right. What happened to childhood? Media and the use of it has opened up things to people especially children that they should not be exposed to. It is important to establish the effects that come from media.

Perception and Judgement: Paige M., Camila N., Betania R., Pravita R., Kayla U., 10:10

Our group would like to raise awareness about the mistreatment of others due to preconceived notions based on appearance. Despite living in a diverse cultural hub, people still look down on others for their differences and we would like to remind our peers to be more mindful of their thoughts concerning others and to stop judging people before actually getting to know them. It’s difficult to break the barrier between internalized stereotypes and how we view others, but actively thinking about not judging someone based on how we perceive their appearance is a strong step forward. Being clouded by stereotypes results in the unfair treatment of others and keeps us from having new experiences with great individuals, but sometimes people don’t even realize their thoughts are being guided by stereotypes. We would like to perform experiments where we have someone dress different ways and have them walk around, and see how they are perceived by others in order to observe the ideas society has constructed about certain appearances. Seeing prejudice at work is a strong reminder to look past the image people display.