Individualism and Technology- Rina Gorvokaj

What has so far resonated with me in Media 180 class and discussion is the idea of individualism. Professor Ewen discussed how in the past people used to work together communally. People saw themselves as a part of a larger group and did not refer to themselves as individuals. It is only in modern times that we use the word to describe people. It was actually first used to describe an atom. What this means for us is that society is becoming increasingly more and more divided. This relates to the rise of technology as well. We are individuals, but we are now individuals with cell phones. Social interaction has diminished as everything has become more digitized. Race, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic status are all things that divide us. I think we need a unity movement. We need to see ourselves as one, not as divided.


One thought on “Individualism and Technology- Rina Gorvokaj

  1. libbylu77 says:

    I agree with you. People today have lost the sense of community and now it’s individualized but even with in the individual they have lost the send of self


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