In need of group members

Crystal Huang 1D08 10:10

Hi, in need of group members . . . please comment. I’m also willing to switch / compromise topics if necessary.

Tentative Topics:

1) MTA’s Subway Etiquette Ads

I’m a commuter, so subway etiquette is important to me. It is one of the things that gets my blood boiling and I have to rant to somebody about it at least once a day. One person’s actions can affect everyone’s mood for the rest of the day. For this project, I think it would be fun to create humorous ads to promote awareness of the rules of subway etiquette, just as some of the ads we see in the subways today.

2) Kids are growing up too fast

Sexual activities are very prominent in media. Is there no such thing as decency or preserving innocence anymore? Examples of T.V. shows, Toddlers & Tiaras or Teen Mom. Also, you see child or teen stars with tons of makeup and wardrobe, pushed to look older. This is not right. What happened to childhood?

3) Materialism

Media advertises materialism. This promotes bad habits in our youth. Consequences are debt. Concepts of earning and saving need to be brought up to balance materialistic ads.


7 thoughts on “In need of group members

  1. joscelyn13 says:

    I need a group to going too. If you still need people, email me


  2. I need a group to join as well . I am interested in joining if spots are available.


  3. Nischal says:

    Need to join a group too. Where can I email you?


  4. Crystal Huang says:

    Hi, please make sure you guys are also in the 10:10 class. My email is We can be a group of 5 (as you can see in a recent post, I’ve already partnered with Joscelyn so far). Also, I think using google docs will be convenient to share info. Looking forward to working with you guys.


    • Nischal says:

      Hey, yes I am in 10:10 class. I was about to email Prof. Harper for the group. But if you are including me in your group then I don’t think I need to email her. Do you want me to email you too?


  5. gyasi96 says:

    I’m in need of a group as well, I am willing to join, Where can we get the chance to talk.


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