Perception and Judgement: Paige M., Camila N., Betania R., Pravita R., Kayla U., 10:10

Our group would like to raise awareness about the mistreatment of others due to preconceived notions based on appearance. Despite living in a diverse cultural hub, people still look down on others for their differences and we would like to remind our peers to be more mindful of their thoughts concerning others and to stop judging people before actually getting to know them. It’s difficult to break the barrier between internalized stereotypes and how we view others, but actively thinking about not judging someone based on how we perceive their appearance is a strong step forward. Being clouded by stereotypes results in the unfair treatment of others and keeps us from having new experiences with great individuals, but sometimes people don’t even realize their thoughts are being guided by stereotypes. We would like to perform experiments where we have someone dress different ways and have them walk around, and see how they are perceived by others in order to observe the ideas society has constructed about certain appearances. Seeing prejudice at work is a strong reminder to look past the image people display.


One thought on “Perception and Judgement: Paige M., Camila N., Betania R., Pravita R., Kayla U., 10:10

  1. makiaharper says:

    Hi Folks, I think the concept of this is great and quite creative and has a lot of potential. Be sure to think of ways you can make this some what abstract concept and make it more tangible, I think that you are on the right track.


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