Student Connection: Meghan N., Jaime R., Arjeta K., Rina G., 10:10

Our group campaign would like to spread awareness about the lack of care and support that is shown throughout student life on the Hunter College campus. Because it is a commuting school we often times fail to care for those in need and gear ourselves more towards schoolwork instead. Interaction between students is vital, and sometimes we are given surveys to fill out from the Counseling and Wellness Services to see if we know how to approach others that are having any difficulties. People respond in that they will help others in need. But, when we are confronted with a situation, there is no significant or impactful reaction upon the problem. That is why we see Hunter as a divided CUNY; turning away or not acknowledging the ones that need help the most. Some are just extremely shy, and aren’t able to express or interact with those on campus. Student Connection serves not only as a voice, but as an active group that will provide ways to help people to feel more comfortable when conversing with other Hunter students. Everyone has a story or a conflict in their life…we might have even felt like we were all alone at times. Knowing that we are here for each other and are willing to help out, our goal is to let everyone know that there are some people out there who still care!


One thought on “Student Connection: Meghan N., Jaime R., Arjeta K., Rina G., 10:10

  1. makiaharper says:

    Hi Folks, this is definitely a good idea in spirit, however, try to shape your project so that you can provide something that Hunter doesn’t offer, rather than point out what’s wrong without solutions. Start thinking about your goal for this project. What would you propose to build connection? Could you build from an existing structure, department or group, would you build a committee or activist group.


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