Campaign-Project 3 Work Plan


To spread awareness of the importance of marrow donation in the face of blood cancers and disease as well as to inform and encourage students to be swabbed.

Group Members/Roles:

Mary Louise: Polling for general knowledge on the topic / Flyer Making and Distribution

Libby: Research on topic/ Information booth worker

Sydney: Polling for general knowledge on the topic/ Flyer Making and Distribution

Simona: Research on topic

Alyssa: Information booth worker

Research: (2015) – the official site dedicated to curing blood cancer through marrow donation

Time Line:

Week 1: Research/ Polling

Week 2: Presentation of Findings and Information at Booth


2 thoughts on “Campaign-Project 3 Work Plan

  1. mlouisemora says:

    Posted by Mary Louise Mora, Section 07


  2. makiaharper says:

    This looks good so far, but I would like to see a specific breakdown of your timeline for the remaining weeks in the semester for our sections with dates, we roughly have 3-4 more working weeks. So for example you might have week the of April 26, 2016 week 2- Research, May 2, 2016 week 3 flyer creation.


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