Campaign Project 3 Work Plan-Masculinity


To raise awareness about how our society has shaped the definition of what masculinity  is and what it means to “be a man” and how these terms affect men, women and children in a negative way.

Group Members/Roles

Chris: Lead Presentation Creator

Tony: Experiment Designer

Nicholas:Data Manager/Analyzer

Gustavo: Lead Presenter and Assistant Presentation Creator

Brittany: Researcher


Websites such as these that provide information about Masculinity masculinity/ b 1776489.html

Time Line

Week 1: Research our topic

Week 2: Perform Experiment(s) on Campus. Draw conclusions from the Analysis and inform students on campus about that consequences of viewing masculinity in the way society has outlined it and record their reactions. Also, after informing them, ask them how mainstream representations of masculinity may have impacted their lives.

Week 3: Present our findings about how masculinity is portrayed in the media and how it is affecting people. (May 16th)


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