Tobacco Awareness Campaign Project 3-Work Plan

Group Members: Meghan N., Jaime R., Arjeta K., Rina G. (10:10)


  • To raise awareness on the negative effect of smoking tobacco on CUNY campuses. To communicate with students at Hunter to see if they are aware of the strict policy that has already been in effect since September 2012. Inform them about the death roll every year, and how they can seek help if they want to quit.

Group Members/Roles:

  • Meghan N.- Campus Recordings/ Interview Recording/ Video Editing
  • Jaime R.- Campus Observations/ Interviewer/ Research
  • Arjeta K.- Campus Observations/ Survey Distribution/ Interviewer
  • Rina G.- Campus Observations/ Survey Distribution/ Research


*Websites that provide information about CUNY’s Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control


Week 1:

  • Research- Collect 3-5 resources and references (April 28- May 2)
  • Observe- Observe Hunter students to keep track of the locations where students smoke and an approximate estimate of how many people use tobacco products around the school (May 3- 7)
  • Survey- Allow tobacco users and non-smokers to take a survey (May 8-10)

Week 2:

  • Interviews with 2-3 people around the campus (May 10-11)
  • Constructing presentation (May 12-14)

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