Bone Marrow Donation 11:10

Our main objectives are: to raise awareness about what exactly bone marrow donations are, educate the public about how they can donate, and help them understand who they are helping by donating. So far, we have surveyed 30 random people at Hunter College and asked them three questions: (1) Do you know why bone marrow donations are performed? (2) Do you know who bone marrow donations help? and (3) Do you know how to get involved with bone marrow donation?

We have found some shocking data and statistics in terms of how little the random population of students knew about bone marrow donation. Our next course of action is to hold a Bone Marrow Donation Information Booth this upcoming week to educate students, encourage them to donate, as well as acquire some spectacular footage of the booth for our video that we are going to piece together.

-Libby U., Alyssa B., Simona B., Mary Louise M., Sydney L., Marlee J.


One thought on “Bone Marrow Donation 11:10

  1. makiaharper says:

    Looks like you all are on the right track! Looking forward to hearing about how everything worked out.


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