Defining Masculinity

So far in our group, we have created a survey to pass out to people. We created questions like “What do you think causes aggression in men?” that are open ended to see what people think about masculinity. We also have age and ethnicity questions to see if those factor in to how people perceive masculinity. Our group has also been working on gathering data to inform survey takers about masculinity to get them thinking on the subject even after the survey is over. When we come back this week we will distribute a few more surveys and then move on to analyzing the data.



One thought on “Defining Masculinity

  1. makiaharper says:

    You might want to consider other ways to get to this questions, having people complete short essays can be difficult , tedious, and time consuming, you might want to think of other creative ways to get this information, maybe creating short videos asking a question or two on location. Or creating a blog and having people submit videos to you and you can begin to analyze and draw conclusions about their responses.


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