Smoking Awareness Campaign Update


Native American Peace Pipe Ritual

Currently, our group members are doing research to find out specific data on the effects of smoking and the frequency of smoking on college campuses nationwide and in NY.

Our campaign aims to raise awareness on the effects of smoking on health, as well as to figure out what most triggers students to smoke. We would also like to ask Hunter students how they feel about the CUNY policy of non smoking. Is this an effective way to reduce smoking on campus, or is this a policy that effects the student’s rights? Additionally, we would like to speak of how tobacco has been used in the the past, and alternatives to cigarette smoking. For example, tobacco has been used in ceremonies historically. Pure tobacco and cigarettes differ in health and the amount of carcinogens in them.

Our group aims to meet after class tomorrow in order to film the responses to several questions asked to both smokers and nonsmokers on campus. Following our interviews, we will edit the footage and post it on several Hunter College Facebook pages.

10:10 class: Arjeta, Jamie, Meghan & Rina


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