Overall Class Reflection – Brittney Phillips

Since starting this class it made me realize how far as a society we have evolved and at the same time been further oppressed. Through media we were given the opportunity and access to learn and be involved in the world. The people with all the power from the beginning of time has done everything possible to keep people ignorant in attempts to maintain control. Media disrupted and infringed on this power, because people were now made aware of the things going on behind closed doors and couldn’t be manipulated any longer. The spoken word could no longer be taken for granted when there were photos and moving pictures to show the truth. Nevertheless, people always find a way. Through photoshop and editing and censoring information or trying to make it impossible for certain groups of people to get ahead the hands of oppression are still around us. Media has the power to do great things or it can also be a form of evil. We have a long way to go before we can see complete purity of the opportunities media presents. If that’s even possible… All the knowledge I learned from this class that I was never made aware of now makes me question everything and desire to seek the truth. I don’t want to be socially constructed anymore or ignorant to the truth. So I appreciate this class for making me realize this need to change.


One thought on “Overall Class Reflection – Brittney Phillips

  1. sborkina says:

    I completely agree with you when you say that “media has the power to do great things or it can also be a form of evil.” The wonderful thing about media is that it has the ability to reach very large amounts of people within milliseconds of uploading the content. This allows people to be informed about situations going on around the world, connect with people from other countries, and publish their own creations for the world (or part of the world) to see. As you mentioned, photoshop, editing, and censorship are problems that we are constantly facing today. It is hard sometimes to be able to discern the truth from the lies that are being fed to us so we as consumers need to stay alert about it. Censorship is also a very big issue since the limitations of “free speech” are being questioned and people are being oppressed.


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