Paige McAllister

Overall, I really enjoyed the course. It was very interesting to study media this way and I would have never thought we should study essays like Benjamin Franklin’s Continuation of the Account of My Life or watch a film like Style Wars. These two are vastly different but both contributed to the course in ways I can understand now. I thought this course would focus on basic advertising strategies and its effects, social media, television, celebrity culture, etc so I was pleasantly surprised. I did not ever imagine studying the Catholic church and its art and would have never connected that with perceptions and advertising and the individual. I now respect advertising a lot more and realize all that goes into it — the psychology, the branding, the symbols, the colors, etc. Every detail is choreographed and meant to get you to think a certain way or buy a product. Professor Ewen’s lectures were always interesting and incorporated so much more than media studies.


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