During this course we have been on what seemed like a winding road, studying the historical and sociological roots of media culture beginning with the idea of conveying messages through what some might call an untraditional or dangerous medium/style, to the onset of still and moving images and their rhetoric, to public relations, it’s significance and the powerful and malleable public opinion.

There were times when some of you couldn’t quite see where the course was going.  Now that the course has come to an end and the final approaches; take a moment to consider what this class was about/what it meant to you and provide a thoughtful blog response on its significance and what you’ve been able to incorporate in your daily lives (if applicable). Feel free to refer to specific lectures or discussions.

Responses should be at least one paragraph.

Please post your response by:  Thursday May 19 2016.  5:00pm. As always be sure to include your name and check blog 7 when posting.


One thought on “Reflection

  1. gyasi96 says:

    This class did not take the path that I thought it was going to. I thought this was going to be a class that did more of creating media than analyzing it, but I guess that will happen in the later classes. I felt that this class was interesting though in analyzing and understand the current media that we have to live with today, instead of us creating media that is going to be influenced by what we see and listen to, we were told to make our own media, we understood why media was made.


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