Reflection~ Simona Borkina

At the start of the semester, I assumed that the course would be heavily based on advertising tactics, consumer culture, and how various forms of media are used to get their point across to the public. I was pleasantly surprised when we watched “Style Wars” on the second day of class. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized why the film was relevant to an introductory to media class. When in middle school, I read the book Fahrenheit 451 so when I saw that book written on the syllabus, I was confused as to how it was applicable to a media class. Now that the course has ended, I understand the reason why Professor Ewen assigned certain readings and films for us to further explore.

I am now able to look at commercials, advertisements, television, and other forms of media in a new and different light. Everything in the world of media and public relations is done for a reason, there are no mistakes as we learned throughout this semester. We as consumers may be unaware about the extent to which we are being shaped by companies into thinking a certain way or buying a product, however, now that we took this class we are one step ahead of the game and can understand the reasoning behind the construction of ideas that are being exposed to us.


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