Reflection- Tony T.

When I first began taking this class, I assumed it would be about learning the basics of how the media works with modern examples. There was way more in store.  I really enjoyed many of the pieces we were assigned to read from many years ago including Professor Ewen’s very own book from the 80s. It also says something that many of the pieces written all of those years ago dealing with media are relevant to the way the media works today. Taking this course really opened my eyes to how the media works behind the scenes and how us as the public can basically being brainwashed into certain beliefs and ideals. But thinking more deeply, the media is controlled by other people so it brings up the idea of people brainwashing other people. Although “certain people” behind a specific media might influence or brainwash the public, there comes a point where those “certain people” become apart of the public and have the potential to be sucked in or brainwashed by another media source other than the one they control. This only demonstrates how the manipulation by the media actually comes full circle. With this course in my mental storage, I will be more selective with the media I interact with questioning its true intent from now on.


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